For Just $15 You Can Bring Your Pet To This Movie Theatre And Drink Endless Wine

For Just $15 You Can Bring Your Pet To This Movie Theatre And Drink Endless Wine

Eric Lankford is the creative mind behind the K9 Cinemas and his innovative idea has changed the game!

Watching a movie at the theatre is always preferred over watching it at home. Nothing can beat that experience and the reasons are quite obvious. Not all of us own a surround sound system at home now, do we? Besides, you have a variety of food items to choose from at the movie theatre and not that many at home. Also, if you have kids you either get them along or hire a babysitter, but what about your pets?


Surely, you must be dying to get your four-legged furry friend to come along with you but there are hardly any movie halls that tolerate the presence of a pet. For people who like lounging with their pets while drinking a glass of wine, we have some good news for you. There exists a dog-friendly movie theater in Texas which also offers unlimited wine throughout the course of the movie. Yes, you heard us right! You can drink as much wine as you wish to.


This innovative idea was turned into reality by Eric Lankford with the support of his Australian Eskimo, Bear. One day he spotted a considerable gap in the market due to these restrictions. He then decided to open up a place where people could come and lounge while watching a movie along with their pets. Basically, he aimed at removing the distance between a pet and his owner without compromising on the whole experience.


K9 Cinemas, situated in Plato recently opened up in 2018. The website describes the place as: "a movie theater that allows you to bring your dog to the movies with you! We have a big heart for our furry family members in our lives, and believe they should get a night out with you!" To top this all of they provide a ticket for you and your furry friend along with the choice of unlimited wine or four whiskeys at just $15! Now, how reasonable is that?


Apart from all the offers, this place maintains a strict bunch of rules: "All customers must review our 3 doggone rules and sign a waiver that K9 Cinemas is not liable for you or your pet's safety. All dogs must be kept on leashes at all times unless in a designated area that plainly states otherwise." You need to comply with the three doggone rule to be allowed inside: First of you need to clean after your furry best friend in case they make a mess, which is very understandable. 


If you're a first timer you need to carry "valid papers" which clearly stated that your pooch is not behind on any of his or her vaccinations. Finally, the ticket for $15 allows only one pet inside and if you wish to get another you need to pay $5 extra for it. They do not allow more than two pets per person. This theatre doesn't show any new movies. They plan several themed nights and one-off screenings. 


Last Sunday, K9 Cinemas hosted a viewing party for Game of Thrones which would give you the idea of what exactly they show. Like any other theatre, you can buy a variety of snacks that include drinks, candy, and popcorn to munch during the movie. A dog-friendly food menu is also available there so that your pets don't go hungry and more importantly, it's just $2 a pop! Movie Nights are held on Monday, Friday, and Saturday (specifically for couples and single dates). 


The website keeps people updated on the particular theme they would be following for the week. According to the website, Tuesdays are set aside for "Bring your dog to church night", a karaoke margarita night is held on the following day and Thursdays are all about "trivia, dog tricks on stage and PJ night." Except for Sunday, they are open every day of the week from 12 p.m. onwards. The closing time varies depending on the hours of break. Keeping the offer and the fact they allow pets into their facility any dog lover would be dying to visit this place! After all, it's a mini paradise on earth!


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