Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing Now, And They Are Simply Stunning

Embroidery Tattoos Are A Thing Now, And They Are Simply Stunning

Tattoos are addictive and if you look at just how beautiful these embroidery tattoos look, you just might not be able to stop yourself from getting one for yourself!

Tattoos are a work of art and every day there's something new that's popping up over the internet. The latest trend is an embroidery tattoo. Yes, it is exactly what it sounds like and it looks absolutely mesmerizing. It's basically one needle doing the work of two and the tattoos look like it's actually been embroidered into the skin. Yes, it's that beautiful. It almost looks like a 3D tattoo, with the intricate work and the attention to detail. It's also something a lot of people are getting done now and it looks like they've ironed a patch on themselves because that's how real it looks, you have no idea. Question: if you're a fan of tattoos, would you want to try this one out? Check out some of the most beautiful pieces of embroidery tattoo the internet has to offer. 

1. Look at the colors and the work that's gone into this tattoo! It's so detailed and magnificent!



2. This is mind-blowingly amazing! It looks like an actual patch 



3. Chances are you've probably never seen a heart look this beautiful and intricate 



4. There's just so much art in this tattoo. An embroidery tattoo of a hand doing embroidery. This is inception!



5. So delicate, yet so fierce



6. Rock never gets old, and this AC/DC patch tattoo won't either 


7. Every single stroke made by the needle makes it look so real like there's thread being woven in and out!


8.  Can't even begin to think of the time and patience it would take to finish such an intricately vivid tattoo 


9. Safe to say this Johnny Bravo patch looks more real than what an actual patch would look like. The artist's made sure to even include loose ends of thread in the tattoo. 


10. Have you seen Hulk look cuter than this? HULK SMASH (cuter, though)


11. Would you look at this one, though? I mean, the detailing is so fine!


12. This tattoo is made completely out of tiny colored x's. Oh, dedication!



13. Tattoos are addictive as it is, and with something that looks this pretty, why not cover yourself in them!


14.  Isn't this an amazing work of art?


15. This is just so, so beautiful to look at. Well, now this definitely means I have to get more such tattoos done!


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