Funerals for Walmart Shooting Victims Will Be Free: "This Is How El Paso Rolls"

Funerals for Walmart Shooting Victims Will Be Free: "This Is How El Paso Rolls"

A non-profit organization in El Paso, Texas, has partnered with local funeral homes to provide free funerals to the 22 victims of Saturday’s fatal mass shooting at a local Walmart.

The aftermath of the two mass shooting events that took place in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio have shocked the country and its communities. In an effort to ease the pain of losing loved ones as a result of the horrific act, a non-profit organization from El Paso has agreed to partner with several local funeral homes to make all the services for the deceased absolutely free.  



Called Operation H.O.P.E. (Helping Other People Endure), it helps provide financial literacy empowerment and economic education to youth and adults. The organization agreed to undertake this noble task of ensuring that all funeral services and rites for the victims of the shooting are taken care of. A spokesperson for the organization, Angel Gomez, confirmed this announcement with ABC on Sunday and mentioned that even the Mexican nationals who lost their lives will have their funerals arranged. That's really considerate of them and such acts ought to inspire more non-profit organizations to undertake similar ventures to help all those who have been affected by such incidents in the past. 



"We have 22 victims. We will be providing their funeral services, not only in the El Paso area, but we’re going to be sending the bodies once they get embalmed to Juarez, Mexico, Torreon, and Chihuahua. And this is all done at no cost to the families," Gomez said whilst adding, "As I say, this is how El Paso rolls — as one. We are one community. I kinda shed a couple of tears yesterday as we were making arrangements for the funeral directors, getting them together, pulling them together. ... They agreed. It doesn’t matter the number of people. We will go ahead and take care of these people. One of the things the funeral homes will do is provide the caskets and embalming and stuff for the victims but one of the things we have to find for them is the cemeteries that we have to go and do the burials and that. That’s something we’ll be tackling later today and tomorrow. It’s so hard to come up with the words, El Paso is such a passive, quiet, city. You know what I mean? We have a beautiful time here."



The El Paso Times reported that Evergreen East Funeral Home, Mt. Carmel Funeral Home, Sunset Funeral Homes, Perches Funeral Homes, Martin Funeral Homes, Restlawn Funeral Homes, Crestview Funeral Homes, Hillcrest Funeral Homes, and San Jose Funeral Home are among the local funeral homes who are working with Operation H.O.P.E to make this initiative happen. Operation H.O.P.E. posted on Facebook stating,  “We are all about teamwork. We are never able to do things alone. We are truly fortunate so many El Paso agencies are coming together to show their love and support through this difficult time." Gomez said that when he reached out to funeral directors in El Paso after Saturday's shooting to see if they would take care of the affected families, they told him, "It doesn’t matter the number. How high it goes. They will all be covered."






With this positive response from Operation H.O.P.E, we can be assured that the victims of the unfortunate terror attack will have their names and memories preserved for eternity. Those wishing to contribute to the families of the victims or would like to help out in some way can donate to the El Paso Community Foundation's fund that goes directly to those impacted by the shooting. The foundation is actively working with the city of El Paso and the county to disburse funds. Aside from that, Vitalant in El Paso is taking blood donations by appointment only, so head over to the website or call 877-258-4825 to do so.   


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