Local Sydney Pub Faces Backlash After Blasphemous Online Post

Local Sydney Pub Faces Backlash After Blasphemous Online Post

Mary's Newtown, a bar and burger joint in Sydney, posted an image of Jesus holding a cigarette and beer can to cash in on the Easter weekend. However, their marketing stunt backfired and how.

There are ads that get your brand and business that perfect publicity, and then there are those that take it a notch higher, and it can turn offensive in the blink of an eye. This was the case of a popular bar-burger joint in Australia that thought by playing around the theme of Easter and  Jesus would reap them benefits. Instead, it backfired badly and the joint has now lost a number of customers reports news.com.au. Mary's Newtown in Sydney, posted an image of Jesus holding a cigarette in one hand and a can of beer in another with the caption, "Jesus got hammered for his sins. Open from 12 Friday and all long weekend." The eatery thought the ad would be cheeky and in good humor because there have been numerous spoofs on Jesus before. Probably the joint thought that its customers would take it sportingly, but, boy were they absolutely wrong.



They found out the hard way that most of their customers were devout and church-going Christians. Many of them made their opinions known on social media and soon Christians all over the world were enraged.      





The eatery was branded with terms like  "disgusting" and "disrespectful" after posting a controversial joke on their Facebook page. The post was flooded with thousands of comments of angry people who took offense at the post and thought it was in poor taste.  It has since been taken down not because of it's offensive content, but because a number of people made "threats of rape" and "murder". 


In the Facebook post, the eatery stated how it was not meant to offend but that it was a joke and was designed to make people laugh. They wrote, "We love the fact that we all have the right to take offense and be offended. We do not, however, live in a society where people have the right to threaten violence against others for making jokes. To the people who have come to our defense - we say “Thank you!” To those who disagree, we say “God bless you” Love Mary’s. 


Surprisingly, a church page on Facebook also got involved. The Orthodox Christianity page encouraged its followers to post nasty things about the business in retaliation to the post according to a report by Yahoo News. Wow, talk about being devout Christians! These people are definitely not in the mood to turn the other cheek. The post by them said, “Brothers and sisters, PLEASE give this place a bad rating, they are Mocking our Lord Jesus Christ”.


Besides the negative comments about the image, there were people who posted on the quality of food there. Many of them remembered going there and not liking the food and posted negative reviews about the restaurant. They claimed the food to be awful with the service being bad. They also complained about rats and the uncleanliness of the restaurant. The fact that these people chose to post about the quality of food makes us think if the food or the offensive post was their main target! 


No sooner had the eatery put out the post, it started receiving negative comments in just a matter of hours. Many customers who had been regulars at the joint vowed that they would not set foot in the restaurant again. This is got to hurt because the last thing an eatery needs is to lose its customers. According to the news.com.au, one reviewer wrote, "Mary’s Newtown was my local burger joint (being that it’s only up the road from my place) until today."





The reviewer continued, "I am extremely disgusted and appalled by the distasteful and disrespectful advertising for the Easter period. You’ve lost a customer (and probably a lot more) by that ignorant stunt." Another person wrote, "They should focus on the menu to attract attention not rude posts to grab attention."  

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