Dyslexic Boy, 9, Creates An Incredible Mosaic Portrait Of John Cena With Rubik’s Cubes

Dyslexic Boy, 9, Creates An Incredible Mosaic Portrait Of John Cena With Rubik’s Cubes

Benjamin Russo has trouble reading and writing, however, his learning disorder never stopped him from solving intricate puzzles.

Image Source: YouTube Screenshot/Cube Kid

This young Canadian boy with dyslexia has trouble reading and writing, however, the learning disorder did not stop him from solving intricate puzzles. Through a video uploaded recently on social media, 9-year-old Benjamin Russo inspired and proved to the world that anything is possible no matter what their limitations are. The talented boy can be seen designing a huge portrait of WWE star John Cena by solving 750 Rubik's cubes. Apparently, it took Benjamin only five hours over a course of three weeks to complete this elaborate work of art, reports Good News Network


The video begins with Benjamin holding up cards which explains how he gets frustrated with his condition sometimes. "I mix up my words," reads the first, which is followed by another, "I get very frustrated and upset too sometimes." But Benjamin's story is far from a sad one, as he first addresses the issues he has and then goes on to show the world what he can do despite it. "Having dyslexia also means I can do something amazing," continued reading the card. Following this begins a time-lapse video of the little genius intently solving one Rubik's cube after another.


After obtaining the desired design and pattern, the 9-year-old is seen placing the cube on the floor, which ultimately becomes a part of one detailed mosaic portrait of the notable professional wrestler, who voiced a PSA for a campaign that supports learning disorders like dyslexia in 2017. The video ends with him holding up two more cards that read, "Dyslexia is not my disability, Dyslexia is my SUPERPOWER." Indeed it is!



His proud mother Melanie Russo revealed how Benjamin can skillfully copy any patterns and finish them with amazing speed. Furthermore, he manages to complete single sides of the cubes within about a second, reports Montreal.ctvnews. "When he did one side, that's when he figured out he can do it," shared Melanie, who is an elementary school teacher. Continuing further, she explained how her son's unique spacial intelligence helps him solve patterns quicker than others.



The video which was uploaded on YouTube quickly garnered over 14,000 views and several appreciative comments. One user, Languérand Yacine, wrote: This is what the true embodiment of Never Give Up is all about! I’m so proud of you Ben! Another, imrandomnes plays, shared: Excellent video! Dyslexia certainly IS your superpower. Amazing stuff!!! Keep up the great work! But the response that took everyone by surprise was one of John Cena. He shared this video on Twitter along with a caption that read: This is the embodiment of #NeverGiveUp. Benjamin demonstrates courage, perseverance, vulnerability, tremendous strength... and he’s an ARTIST! I admire you, your work, and your outlook.


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