Dad Fighting For Life shares One Last Beer With Sons Just Hours Before Cancer Death

Dad Fighting For Life shares One Last Beer With Sons Just Hours Before Cancer Death

87 YO Norbert Schemm, who was battling colon cancer wanted to share one last beer with his sons for his dying wish. He passed away a happy man the following day.

The heartbreaking snap of an elderly man sharing a beer with his sons during his final moments has prompted an overwhelming response from netizens. All Norbert Schemm, an 87-year-old man from Appleton, Wisconsin, wanted for his dying wish was to share one last beer with his sons. In this viral Tweet, he can be seen smiling and holding a bottle of Bud Light while being surrounded by his family members. Speaking to TODAY Parents, Schemm's grandson Adam Schemm expressed, "That moment meant so much to my grandfather."


"My grandpa had been relatively healthy over the course of his life but it was on the Sunday last week while he was in hospital that they realised it would be the end. He called his grandchildren to tell us on the Monday. We took the picture Tuesday night and then he died from stage four colon cancer on Wednesday," Adam told BBC News. "My dad told us that grandpa had wanted a beer and now when I look at that picture it gives me solace. I can tell my grandpa is smiling. He's doing what he wanted to do - it was an impromptu moment," he added.


Sadly Schemm, who was battling colon cancer at its fourth stage, died a happy man the night after he shared a beer with his children. Describing what that moment meant to his family, Adam said, "You can tell they all know what’s gonna happen, and they just want to enjoy being together. They all have this look of closure." Furthermore, he shared, "It was the last 90 minutes that they really had him. They drank beer and talked about family and he made everyone promise to take care of my grandmother. They were married for 65 years."


Taking to Twitter he wrote: My grandfather passed away today. Last night all he wanted to do was to have one last beer with his sons. It wasn't long before, the heartfelt post was showered with over 320,000 likes, an overwhelming response that Adam had not expected. "It seems to have tapped into a sense of community and clearly is a moment lots of people relate to. The comments have been so kind and we've seen pictures of people toasting bottles of beer in his honor. I thought people I knew might want to see it and respond but had no idea just how many people it seems to have helped," he said according to BBC


"I was hesitant to make the picture public," added Adam "But I'm so glad I did." Thanks to Adam's endearing photograph several others were encouraged to share their own experiences. The resident of Indianapolis, Ben Riggs, was among the many strangers who responded to Adam's tweet with a photo of his own grandfather Leon Riggs, 86, with whom he can be seen enjoying a final beer and cigar. During an interview with BBC, Riggs explained how witnessing Adam's picture reminded him of his late grandfather's final request. "I don't delete the pictures on my phone. I returned to it and I felt compelled to reply and share my own photo. It brought me back and to see someone else experience that final bit of happiness before death was a good feeling," he added.







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