Dr. Fauci Beats Melania Trump To Feature On Fashion Magazine Cover And People Are Shook

Dr. Fauci Beats Melania Trump To Feature On Fashion Magazine Cover And People Are Shook

InStyle Magazine is featuring the infectious disease expert in their September issue

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons (The White House )

It's no secret that Donald Trump does not have a warm relationship with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country's leading infectious disease expert. The man is helping the country's efforts to fight the pandemic and is often seen as the rational voice in the White House and whose opinions supersede even those of the president himself in the matter. Off late, it seems he has even overtaken the first lady when it comes to fashion. How is this possible you ask? Well, Fauci is set to be featured in the September edition of InStyle Magazine and people are already asking how he beat Melania at her own game. Melania's style sense has often been hailed by fashion critics and her haters alike.




But one thing that she has not done yet done is grace the cover of a fashion magazine since becoming the first lady. This observation was recently made by an author named Charlie Kirk on his Twitter account and it soon blew up from there. One commenter Sulie wrote: Is this a serious question? There aren’t enough Twitter characters to describe Fauci’s accomplishments. Besides her failed “BeBest Campaign,” what exactly has Melania done while living in the White House?. Another commenter, Charli Huxley was of the opinion: In all honesty, Melania hasn’t accomplished much to deserve to be featured on the cover. Twitter handle Sonlight @BillyBoysDaddy threw some serious shade on Melania when he wrote: A great question. Guess InStyle magazine thinks he’s more “in style” .... ?


The cover photo of Fauci is already out on Instyle's website. It shows Dr. Fauci seated in a chair by the pool in black shades, in formals—black pants and brown shoes but without a coat. He is seen sporting a crisp shirt with the arms folded up and looks casual and at ease. Jane added: Of course it would *NEVER* occur to @charliekirk11 that such magazines would consider a person's character & history of contribution to society beyond just a persons' physical appearance to be portrayed. Many just called it a marketing gimmick to sell more magazines, like Marj "Crossfire Comfort" Ozman, who wrote: Why did the elites choose Dr Fauci for a mid-tier fashion and design magazine like In-Style? Are they losing control of the marketing of COVID to the suburbs?.


There were also a lot of Melania supporters who replied to the question. Patricia Murphy wrote: Fauci on the cover of anything is indicative of the distressful lack of integrity Liberals display. We have the most intelligent, beautiful, graceful First Lady America has ever had & she should be on the cover of every magazine in existence. What missed opportunities for them. According to a report in New York Post, photographer Frankie Alduino went to Fauci's home last month for the shoot. The issue also features conversations with Fauci's bioethicist wife, Dr. Christine Grady.


The interview is about Fauci's handling of the pandemic since the outbreak while also discussing his life at home and hope for a vaccine. Fauci highlighted in his interview how the computer is the first thing he would go to since working from home. "There is no difference between Monday and Saturday. There is no difference between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m," he said while also talking about having to completely stop reading due to his packed work schedule. "I used to read two books a month for a total of about 25 a year. I used to alternate between biographies and history, as well as spy and detective and intrigue novels. And now, ever since coronavirus, I’ve actually stopped reading," he said. 


He added, "I just don’t have time. I really used to enjoy reading in the evening or on a plane or on the treadmill. I don’t go on the treadmill anymore, and I haven’t been on a plane since January. Anyway. Simple life." 

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