Couple With Down Syndrome Get Married In A Socially Distanced Ceremony

Couple With Down Syndrome Get Married In A Socially Distanced Ceremony

The pair tied the knot during a ceremony, that carefully followed the new post-lockdown regulations, at Hillfields Church in Coventry.

Image Source: YouTube/Hillfields Church Coventry

After spending three months apart, an adorable couple with Down syndrome recently tied the knot while following the social distancing guidelines. 25-year-old Heidi Crowter and James Carter, 26, finally became husband and wife during a ceremony, that carefully followed the new post-lockdown regulations, at Hillfields Church in Coventry. The union, which took place on July 4 right after the Prime Minister allowed weddings to be recommenced the very same day, was viewed by over 11,000 people on YouTube and was celebrated by 30 guests who were strictly following the distancing rules. 


Crowter and Carter met two years ago and ever since then, both knew in their hearts that they were meant to be with each other. Eventually, they decided to make their relationship official and get married. They arrived upon a date, made all the arrangements, and even sent out invitations when suddenly the coronavirus pandemic sent shockwaves through the world and forced everyone into isolation. Due to the health crisis, the pair was forced to isolate apart as Carter was staying with his family in Weymouth and Corwter was living in Coventry. Thankfully, UK's Prime minister lifted the ban on weddings just in time for the couple to tie the knot on the day they had planned. 


Crowter, who is a disability rights activist, revealed that she had written a letter to Boris Johnson, urging him to lift the restrictions of wedding ceremonies so she could marry her partner. For her, it was more than a wedding, it was actually the greatest day of their lives. "It wasn't the wedding we planned, but it was the greatest day of my life," she told the Mirror. "When I walked into the church, I was so emotional and excited. I nearly started crying because James looked so handsome in his suit. I had dreamed of that moment since I was born." 


As for Carter, he described being "excited" as he saw his beautiful bride walk down the aisle on their big day. "I was so excited waiting for Heidi. Watching her walk down the aisle was the highlight of the day, she looked so amazing," expressed Carter, who is now living with his wife in Coventry. People on YouTube immediately took to the comment section to congratulate the beautiful couple. This is so beautiful!! I don't know you at all, James and Heidi, but I watched the whole thing and loved it! <3 May God give you two all you need in this new part of your journey <3, wrote one user. πŸ’Huge Congratulations to you both, sending you and your families lots of love & hugs from County Durham x πŸ’‘β€πŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’š, shared another.


Although they were able to have their union on the day they had originally planned, the pair had to compromise on their guest list which was cut down to 3 from 220. They were also not allowed to sing hymns during the ceremony, reports Daily Mail. To make up for this, the couple has planned a big gathering next year and I hope that this pandemic comes to an end by then. The government of the UK included some regulations for couples who wish to get married now. Fathers are not allowed to hold their daughter's hand while walking them down the aisle.


Furthermore, couples are required to wash their hands before and after exchanging rings. Guests of different households are instructed to maintain social distancing and the receptions are "limited to two households indoors, or up to six people from different households outdoors," per the outlet. A maximum of 30 people, including witnesses, officiants, and guests, are allowed to be present at these ceremonies. Consumption of food or drink is prohibited "unless required for the purposes of solemnization" and the spoken responses are not to be conducted "in a raised voice."

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