Dog Walks 37 Miles To Return Home After Owner Forgets It At Service Station

Dog Walks 37 Miles To Return Home After Owner Forgets It At Service Station

When Dou Dou finally made it back home he was looked like a "dirty, gaunt stray dog."

Image Source: Getty Images/Julia Christe (Representative)

A dog managed to make his way back home after his owner accidentally left home at a motor service station. The 7-year-old pooch named Dou Dou made a journey of 37 miles just to reunite with its family, reports Hangzhou-based newspaper Qianjiang Evening News. Mr. Qiu, the owner, was traveling with family and their pet from Hangzhou to visit relatives in the countryside when the mistake happened. On the way, they halted at the Tong Lu Service Station to take care of their child. During this entire time, the family believed that Dou Dou was in the car all along and thus did not bother to check the station or call for him.


Unfortunately, when they arrived home several hours later, the dog was nowhere to be found and that's when the family realized that Dou Dou was left behind. Of course, they wanted their precious pooch back home and so they set out to bring him back home the very next day. They arrived at the service station where they had previously stopped with the hopes of finding their pet there but to no avail. As time went by, the family lost hope of ever finding their pet but they remained optimistic and hoped that some kind stranger would have taken their dog in. 


"[We] hoped it would survive and find a good-hearted person who would adopt it," said Mr. Qiu while speaking to Qianjiang Evening News, reports Mirror. Then one day, they found a "dirty, gaunt stray dog" near their doorstep. On taking a closer look they were shocked to see that it was their Dou Dou and it had made its way back to the family. Describing how the pet was almost unrecognizable, Mr. Qiu continued, "Apart from being skinnier than before, [Dou Dou] was still the same self." He added that their beloved dog still had a gleam in his eye just like before. "Its eyes are radiating with lights. Luckily it didn't have any injuries," he said. "Even though Dou Dou was tired and walking wobbly on the first day [after returning home], it has become a lot more energetic recently."


Dog experts who spoke to the publication marked Dou Dou's behaviour as "incredible." However, they were also quick to issue a warning to all pet parents urging them to be more vigilant with their pets while traveling, as the dog finding its way back home might just have been a fluke. There is no surety that other pets would be able to do the same in such a distressing situation. Even then, if your pet is lost, Peta previously provided a list of things that pet owners should do just in case. The first recommendation given by the organization is to "Put all prior commitments on hold" because the life of your pets matters the most at that point.


Secondly, put out a word about the missing animal on your social media handle and stay close to the phone number that has been provided everywhere. Next, you can sign up with an automated service like Lost My Doggie or FindToto, to help spread the word. Use the clearest picture of your pet to print and hand them to shelters directing them to put it up near bulletin boards where pictures of lost animals are kept. You should visit animal shelters every day and put out an award for whoever finds your animal. Don't forget to search in the neighbouring area and talk to everyone, including children, asking about your pet's whereabouts. You can also try going out late at night when everything's quiet and call their name out. See if you can hear a faint cry or meow, i.e., if they are stuck somewhere. 

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