This Dog Travels Alone By Bus To And From Dog Park To Play For 2 Hours All By Herself

This Dog Travels Alone By Bus To And From Dog Park To Play For 2 Hours All By Herself

It all started when Eclipse's owner was getting late to take the doggo to the park, so she decided to go there on her own.

Source: Facebook/Robbie Lauren

Dogs are super intelligent and capable and Eclipse, a black labrador, has proven that she doesn't need anyone to get things done. The smart doggo leaves her house in Seattle every day by herself and catches a bus to a dog park downtown, where she basically chills for a couple of hours to get some exercise and to, of course, make some friends. Once she's done, she heads back to the bus stop to catch a ride back home. She's got a ticket attached to her collar that she uses for her commute. Here's the story of how this ritual began. 



Apparently, it all started when Eclipse's owner Jeff took her to the park and he took too long to finish a cigarette, and that's when the bus arrived. Eclipse just did not want to delay the trip to the park by waiting for him, so he just left him behind, hopped on the bus, and waited for a few stops before jumping off at the park. Robbie Lauren shared a post on Facebook about Eclipse that got 284k likes and 73K comments.


Robbie wrote: This is Eclipse. Every day she leaves her house, by herself, and takes the bus downtown to the dog park where she spends a couple of hours getting exercise and making friends, and then she takes the bus back home again. She even has her own bus pass attached to the collar. It started when her owner, Jeff Young, was taking too long when the bus arrived, so she impatiently ran ahead and got on the bus by herself.


Jeff soon realized that Eclipse knew the way to and from the park and that she could be trusted to go alone. The bus driver recognized her and dropped her off at the dog park, and later Jeff caught up with her. After several more trips by herself, Jeff started letting her go on her own, and she always comes back home a couple of hours later.  All of the bus drivers know her and she makes them smile, and many of the regular passengers enjoy seeing her every day and will often sit down next to her.


It's something people enjoy seeing and it looks like the officials are fine with it, too. Even the police have given their approval as long as the bus drivers are okay with the arrangement. "She makes everybody happy." Eclipse has even got her own Facebook page, named ' Eclipse Seattle's Bus Riding Dog', with over 60,000 fans sharing their photos and experiences of the popular pup. Eclipse sure is a smart cookie and she deserves every bit of recognition. 



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