This Dog Was Shot 17 Times, Blinded, Had Her Ear Chopped Off, And Still Survived

This Dog Was Shot 17 Times, Blinded, Had Her Ear Chopped Off, And Still Survived

Maggie, a five-year-old cross breed, who was shot 17 times and had her ear cut off in Lebanon, has been rescued and returned home to safety.

Maggie, the five-year-old-cross breed, had been in Lebanon 6 months ago and was in dire need of help. She had been subject to the cruel atmosphere of the tense warzone in that region. Unfortunately, she had been shot, blinded, tied in a box, and had one of her ears chopped off. It's hard to imagine the amount of suffering the dog went through. But it wasn't greater than her endurance as she ended up surviving and fighting through it all. 

Thankfully, she had been discovered and saved thanks to an online campaign. Her new owner, Kasey Carlin, 25, who resides in Brighton, UK, got her out of the Middle East and brought her home. Carlin heard about Maggie's story through the animal welfare group 'Wild At Heart Foundation' and knew she wanted to take her home. Carlin and her mother made the collective decision to rescue Maggie and bring her home. 



She said, "This person in Lebanon posted asking for help and a woman in London saw the post and got help. Wild At Heart said they would take her in, even though it's quite hard to get pets out of Lebanon.". Carlin's mother saw the post about Maggie and they decided that they had to foster her. 

Maggie is now happy and healthy and has recovered from all her 17 gunshot wounds. She lives a good life with Carlin in Brighton. Prior to her departure from Lebanon, Maggie had to undergo surgery due to all the injuries she had withstood.




Wild at Heart Foundation states, “We are committed to implementing a long-term, dedicated campaign to combat the atrocities taking place in the country, to creating lasting and meaningful change. In order to fight back, we need people to pay attention to. To see. Our mission is to get to the root of the problem: to rescue those dogs in the most urgent need of care, to establish a spay and neuter programme to reduce the numbers of unwanted dogs being born into a life of systematic abuse; and, crucially, to educate communities - especially children - as to the responsibility they have to care for their canine population.”



"I was in tears when I met her at the airport," Carlin said. "I got in touch with some blind rescue dog charities and asked what to do.", Maggie has now become a real superstar with over 30,000 followers on her very own Instagram page, @maggiethewunderdog. Carlin remarked that "She’s so energetic and bubbly. She must have been in agony with all she’s been through but she’s so loving.”. 



Maggie is now living the life of its dreams. She enjoys walks and fun interactions with her human and dog friends in the neighborhood. Maggie is now even a certified therapy dog, after having passed her tests only recently. Carlin posted on Maggie's Instagram profile: Thankfully we found a charity that not only uses the healing power of dogs but also teaches the importance of animal welfare. Yesterday Maggie and I went to meet with her assessor, @maherandhounddogtraining she flaunted her stuff and gave it her best go and she PASSED.

Carlin also said: Maggie is now a registered therapy dog with @underdog_international. She and I will speak to schools and do some hands-on work with youngsters. I know what happened to Maggie was horrendous but if her story can educate and inspire others to do good then at least we can do our part to make this world a little brighter.



This story is one of love, endurance, and hope. Maggie could have succumbed to her wounds and given up on life back in Lebanon. But for whatever reason, she chose to carry on and hope that the good people of Earth would definitely intervene and help her. And they did. Her resilience paid off, her prayers were answered and her right to a good life paved itself open.  

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