Dog Collapses After Leading Rescures To 2-Year-Old Girl's Body, Search Went On For 8 Days

Dog Collapses After Leading Rescures To 2-Year-Old Girl's Body, Search Went On For 8 Days

The dog, who couldn't handle the loss of its best friend, is said to have collapsed near the little girl's mortal remains.

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A small district in Kerala, India, experienced landslides due to a cloudburst, as per The Indian Express. The copious amounts of rain resulted in the disaster on August 6th, which resulted in over 70 people being buried under the rubble and boulders. Search for people missing is still on, and on Friday afternoon, the search and rescue team came across a dog near a river. The dog, later identified as Koovi, was over 2 miles away from where the landslide struck, reports India Times. Koovi's behavior led the rescue team to believe that it was trying to communicate with them; the dog just wouldn't stop barking.


So, they decided to follow the dog, and it lead them to the river bank. They found that the dog was leading them to the body of a two-year-old who lost her life in the landslide. Her body was trapped among the dirt, in a tree under a bridge. The body was identified as Dhanuska, and Koovi was taken in by their family. Reporters at the site of the disaster reportedly saw Koovi and two other dogs running around frantically, in a bid to locate their family, reports The News Minute. "I was there at the spot while Dhanushka’s body was being retrieved. The dog seemed to be upset. There is a bridge named Cemet bridge."


"Her body was found near a tree under the bridge. It was lying in the river which flows through Pettimudi. The dog caught the smell and helped the rescue workers find the baby’s body." Idukki MP Dean Kuriakose told TNM. Dhanushka's father's body was retrieved earlier, but her mother and sister are still missing. Dhanuska's grandmother is the only family member who is alive after the landslide swept away their house. Prem Krishnan, the sub-collector in-charge, said, “A preliminary investigation is going on with the help of geologists. On August 12, forest officials had gone up to the site believed to be the origin of the landslide."


"They are saying a major landslip has taken place there. A lot of debris snowballed and came down. I think a cloudburst may have taken place because I was looking at the rainfall data. On Aug 5, 31 cm rainfall was recorded. On Aug 6, 62 cms of rainfall was recorded, double the previous day’s amount. It was raining non-stop on Aug 4, 5, and 6. It was the same in Munnar. We never thought it (Pettimudi) was a susceptible zone. So a landslip would have taken place and debris flow is seen as the initial reason, accompanied by heavy rain.” Rekha Nambiar, the NDRF commanding officer who heads the search and rescue operations, said the reasons for the landslide are possibly geological and hydrological.


“This is a highly stable region. The landslide itself has originated almost five kilometers away. If you see the photographs, it’s probably 200 meters wide at its widest, but has run almost five kilometers in length…(there could have been) a huge accumulation of water and once it starts, it’s like an avalanche. It carries its own dirt and earth material. That adds to the momentum and as it comes down, it washes away all the trees in the path. It adds to the destruction as it goes. This (Pettimudi) was the end-point. Unfortunately, all the accumulated material has been deposited here.”


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