Dog Dumped On The Road With Eyes & Mouth Superglued Together, Rescuers Call It ‘Horrifying’

Dog Dumped On The Road With Eyes & Mouth Superglued Together, Rescuers Call It ‘Horrifying’

A woman spotted the helpless dog by the side of the road, and she initially thought it was hit by a car. Upon closer inspection, she was shocked to realize that the dog had been abandoned and that her eyes and mouth were glued shut with superglue.

An unsuspecting driver was in for the shock of her life during the early hours of the morning in the Kansas area when she spotted an abandoned puppy by the side of the road. Initially, she thought the dog had been hit by a car when she found the pup in a harrowing situation in Wichita, Kansas, fighting for her life, according to The Epoch Times. But, as she approached closer to the decrepit dog, she realized, to her utmost horror, that someone had sealed shut the poor puppy's eyes and mouth with superglue.  The Jack Russell terrier mix, later named “Glory” because of her unfaltering spirit, was rushed to the Veterinary Emergency & Specialty Hospital of Wichita.


The doctors also found additional bruises on her abdomen, which were likely to have happened from being hit. Doctors at the hospital worked unremittingly to remove the glue from her eyes and mouth completely and to fix the damage inflicted upon the poor puppy by her abuser. Glory couldn't eat, drink or even see because of the superglue, and she even lost her voice, according to reports by KWCH.


Wichita animal rescue organization Beauties and Beasts, Inc. took Glory under their wings and the staff there were shocked at the puppy’s condition, calling it “horrifying.” They took to Facebook to post pictures of Glory and are now in search of the culprit behind this horrendous act of crime that's nothing but animal cruelty. She is recovering but needs your help to bring justice to catch her abuser, says the post.


This was an intentional act and someone who is capable of harming an innocent little dog is extremely dangerous, they will continue this pattern of abuse on helpless victims. She has no voice and cannot speak for herself. You are her only hope. See something, say something. Silence is deadly. We are looking to offer a reward (over $1,000 and counting) for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for this disgraceful act of cruelty. Will you help?


“She’s got some skin to grow back and some regular healing as well,” Beauties and Beasts volunteer Kasey Breidenthal told 3KSN News. “But she’s doing really well. She’s playful, and doing great.” Glory is estimated to be around 9-months-old and after weeks of treatment, she's showing signs of improvement. A loving fosterer welcomed her into a safe, comfortable home, and Glory just bloomed with all the love she received.

Source: Facebook

“She is just a bundle of love and energy,” said Glory’s fosterer Mark Claeys said. “She wants to play with our dogs so bad, but she scares them; she’s so energetic!” Soon enough, Glory was adopted and found her forever home with the Waggy family four months after she was found abandoned on the road. Glory recently found her forever home with the Waggy family, who share that they absolutely love her and she is settling in well. Thank you for giving this once abused girl the loving forever home she deserves! Happy tails, Glory! 


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