Puppy Was Suited Up To Meet His New Family, But They Never Showed Up

Puppy Was Suited Up To Meet His New Family, But They Never Showed Up

Unfortunately, the adorable puppy was left waiting for the family as they never arrived.

Image Source: Facebook/Fundación Rescátame

A 3-month-old pup named Vicente was all dressed up to greet his new owners who were supposed to pick him up for adoption. Unfortunately, the adorable pupper was left waiting for the family as they never showed up. This understandably left him devastated says the shelter where Vicente is currently living. Speaking to an outlet, Diana, a volunteer at Rescátame Foundation, revealed that the puppy was rescued along with his sibling and mother in Zipaquirá, a town near Bogotá, Columbia. Rescátame Foundation is a non-profit animal rescue group that helps rescue abandoned animals and finds them a forever home. After the shelter shared the pup's story on social media, it went viral. 


A man had approached the non-profit group looking to adopt a dog and had successfully passed all the requirements. Out of all his siblings, Vicente was the one who caught his eye and he was due to pick him up and take him home on September 9, but he never showed up. "We have an adoption process with a form and the guy who wanted to adopt him applied and passed all of our requirements. He even went to our shelter and picked Vicente out of his brothers and sisters. He supposedly would pick up Vicente for adoption on the 9th to take him home. So we did what we usually do for adoptions—we gave him a bath and prepared him for his adoption day (with the tiny smoking jacket as they need to be perfect for their special day), but the guy never arrived. He stood him up and then called to cancel the adoption," said Diana.


But since the story blew up on social media, the foundation has seen an unexpected output of love for little Vicente with many offering to adopt him. The shelter wanted to make sure that this time around the pup is adopted by people who are actually serious about caring for a life. "Vicente’s alleged adopter never came for him. When he was ready for a home, bañadito, he canceled his adoption. Then we are asked why we are so rigid with the process, for that reason! Because we don’t want to have the slightest doubt that our furry ones will be in excellent hands for the rest of their lives. If you want to adopt, remember that it is a commitment forever—animals are not things you can have when you feel like having a dog," they said.


After going through many applications they finally found a loving home for Vicente who actually wanted him to be a part of their family. Soon an official statement announcing his adoption was released, "Thanks to all interested people—we never thought that your story would get that far. We want to tell you that Vicente has already been adopted by a beautiful family. We still have over 40 furry friends at the foundation waiting for a home. You can write to us via our intern, who will share their adoption forms with requirements."


In a separate post, they wrote: We are happily surprised that Vicente has come this far, they have written to us from Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Peru, and many more Latin American countries to tell us that they saw Vicente and the foundation and want to be part of this story. 💌 Thank you! Furthermore, they urged people to go through their adoption list, to give a home to the other furry friends, including cats, there. Just like Vicente, we have many furry ones in the foundation who want to find a big family, they wrote. 


Check out the shelter's Facebook Page or visit their website for more information  

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