Dog Dies After Being Brutally Gang-Raped And Stabbed Multiple Times

Dog Dies After Being Brutally Gang-Raped And Stabbed Multiple Times

Apparently, before the horrific attack on her, the dog had given birth to a litter as well.

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Trigger warning: This story contains distressing details of animal abuse that readers may find disturbing. 

A dog who suffered rather grave injuries after it was gang-raped and stabbed around 30 times has died, according to Mirror Online. The dog, evidently in pain, was reportedly found on the streets of Bogota, Columbia on November 1. A video captured the extent to which she struggled to move, possibly due to the pain. Eventually, she was rescued and rushed to the vet for emergency treatment. Apparently, before the horrific attack on her, she had given birth to a litter as well. Marta Buitrago, the woman who found her, told local media that the dog appeared injured and very weak.



The images were reportedly shared by a woman named Liliana Guerrero on social media and she shared that the dog “was stabbed many times and sexually abused by several people. Because she wouldn’t allow it, they stabbed her," Liliana added, before adding the dog had sadly died from her injuries. They destroyed her genitals, stabbed her almost 30 times, punched her and caused other superficial injuries,” Liliana continued. “The dog could not cope with the amount of pain.” She added she felt unable to convey the “enormous sadness and helplessness I feel” following the animal's tragic death.



What's sad is that this dog is not the first in the country to die of such a beastly attack. Earlier this year, we reported another such story where a dog was brutally abused. The cruel dog owner has been banned from ever owning a pet for the rest of his life after he bathed his pet, an American bulldog, in bleach, and rubbed the cleaning agent in the pooch's eyes, reports BBC. Gary David Bell of Coronation Way in Keighley, West Yorkshire, abused his pet, Smiler, to such an extent that it left her bloodied and unconscious on his bathroom floor in West Yorks. The vets who saved Smiler said that her owner, Bell, had doused the poor pup in a mix of bleach and shampoo.



If that wasn't bad enough, he also rubbed the bleach into her face. He also repeatedly hit her on the head that caused her to lose consciousness and left Smiler in a soapy bath. However, Bell denied hurting the dog after he was arrested, claiming that the dog had hurt herself by cutting her head on a barbwire during a walk in the woods, but the court did not believe him and sentenced him to four months in prison. RSPCA inspectors were called to Bell’s home over concerns for the dog’s welfare. They went to Bell's home along with the police where they heard heavy breathing through the ground-floor bathroom window.



RSPCA inspector Sarah Bagley said, "I was horrified to see Smiler in the bath with a bloodied tea towel on her head. A friend of Bell’s let us into the property and we found Smiler barely conscious. She and the bath were wet and there was a bottle of human shampoo and Flash household cleaner which appeared to have been used on her. Between us, we were able to get her out of the flat and I rushed her straight to a local vet practice. By the time I got her there her eyes were swollen shut. She was found to have multiple injuries including two large wounds to the top of her head which needed to be stitched, bruising to the head and a loose tooth that needed to be removed. Her eyes were flushed to get rid of any cleaning product." The vet confirmed that the injuries were not accidental, despite Bell's claims, and added that attempts to clean the poor dog afterward would have only caused more pain and suffering. 




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