Helpless Dog Tied To A Short Chain Left In The Scorching Heat Cries Every Day, Stands On Its Hind Legs

Helpless Dog Tied To A Short Chain Left In The Scorching Heat Cries Every Day, Stands On Its Hind Legs

A stranger who approached the owners and requested them to let go of the dog was unfortunately chased away.

Regrettably, a huge number of animals are being abused all over the world. The largest victim of this injustice has to be the strays who unfortunately have no one to look after them.  But domestic pets can be sometimes reduced to the same fate as strays. Shocking, isn't it?  Well, not really.  Abuse of domestic dogs are sadly a reality also, thanks to the heartlessness of owners.


Such was the case of this poor dog in Mexico. Recently, heartbreaking images of an innocent dog chained on a short leash and tied to a window in the scorching heat of the sun went viral. This enraged animal lovers from the world over who demanded strong action against the owners. According to a report, due to the length of the chain, the dog wasn't even capable of standing on its fours, let alone sit.



The merciless actions of the owner were captured in the residential area of Emiliano Zapata in Teloloapan, Mexico. Owing to the shortness of the leash, the dog had his forelegs in the air as the poor soul was deliberately choked throughout the day. Remaining in a standing position is exhausting enough, imagine what this little pooch was going through when he was forced to stand all day on his hind legs. The relentless heat too didn't spare the unfortunate dog who struggled to breathe properly.



Thankfully, this heinous act did not go unnoticed by people who often walked passed the neighborhood. Some of them did, in fact, approach the owners to inquire about the dog  One of them went to the extent to plead with the owners to let go of the dog but was chased out of their property!  


When someone pointed at the obvious precarious situation of the dog, the ungrateful owners opined that their dog was "doing fine." They even prided themselves with the fact that the dog's "welfare" was taken care of. Just because they provided the poor dog food and water, they did not see a problem in the way they were keeping the dog. 



Now, the stranger who was chased away did not quietly move on with his life, instead, he clicked pictures of the depressing situation the dog had to face every day. He then posted it on social media, with the hope that someone with proper authority would come forward and provide a solution.  We hope the animal activists in the area put their foot down and help this dog before its too late.  



When shared on Facebook people responded with the utmost fury. Ruth Bates Ross wrote: I know put them on a chain,and I'll mind my business,makes me sick,is it any wonder I love animals more than so called humans,they disgust me to the core😡. Another user Mary-Anne Mason added: Some "people" simply need to be killed, no questions asked. Rebecca Stephens noted: Awful people doing this to the dog, wrote. Lourens Rosslee hoped that karma came calling for the cruel owners. She said,  How extremely cruel, may Karma get this piece of scum that abusing this poor poor poor doggy. Mexico is known for their abuse of animals. It's very hard to look at that pictures.


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