Doctors Warn Grillers To Throw Away Their Wire-Bristled BBQ Brushes

Doctors Warn Grillers To Throw Away Their Wire-Bristled BBQ Brushes

When you clean your grill with a wire-bristled brush, chances are, these bristles might get stuck onto the grill and then transferred to your food, which you'll later ingest unknowingly. There are several alternatives to clean a grill, such as buying a brush without wire bristles.

Summer is a time to look forward to, with people making plans to get together and just have some fun. It involves pools, beers and of course the infamous grill. Just because you let your hair down and indulge in some ice cream doesn't mean you can let your guard down, unfortunately. According to Fox News, the way you clean your grill before your fun night with your close friends and family could actually put them at risk. Those who clean their grills with a wire bristled brush could be taking a risk, as those bristles could end up in the food that is being cooked.


A mom took to Facebook to remind us that it doesn't really take a lot of time for a fun summer activity to turn into a near tragedy. The post has been shared over 28k times. She wrote: PSA: My 10-year-old son woke up with pains in his belly on 11:00 pm on Friday night. My husband and I thought he was just constipated. He then started throwing up every 30-45 min for the next 15 hours. We thought, maybe the flu? Then he was writhing in pain that just seemed to get worse and last longer.


Being a mom, your worrying just doesn't get any better, especially if your child is in so much pain. I then took him to the Cobequid Centre because I had a fear that he was having appendicitis. He had urine samples, blood work, and an X-Ray. His blood work showed elevated white blood counts and the doctors decided to have him transferred by ambulance to the IWK. He had an ultrasound on his belly and was in such pain that he passed out cold from the machine being pressed over his stomach.


This was a parent's worse nightmare! I had no idea what was happening with my son, the possibility of surgery was looming over me and all I wanted was for my child to be healthy and pain-free. The ultrasound showed free fluid in his abdomen, inflammation and that coupled with his pain and the area the pain was in, the consensus was appendicitis. He was admitted at 1:30 am on Sunday and since he was stable would have the surgery at 8 am.  Little did they know that something as innocent and fun-filled as a barbecue night would lead to this. 


I tried keeping myself pulled together as they took my youngest baby off to surgery. When the doctors came back to our room two hours later, I was more shocked than I ever thought I could have been. My son did not have appendicitis. He ingested a wire bristle from a bbq brush and it perforated his bowel. I am so lucky and grateful they the surgeons spotted it after seeing they his appendix was perfectly healthy. My son had to stay in the hospital after this and was restricted to no food or drink to let the bowel heal


There was still concern that complications would arise and he would have to have major surgery and remove a portion of his bowel. My son is doing very well so far and I am forever grateful to the IWK. I stopped at the Superstore for a few things to bring to the hospital and when I walked passed their isle stocked with wire bbq brushes, it took everything in me not to tear the display down. I implore you, if you have a wire brush, please throw it out and get a wooden or nylon one from Costco. Things could have been so much worse for my child


Dr. Aziz Benbrahim, of Midstate Medical Center, said that even though this is an extremely dangerous situation, it isn't that rare. “At that time it makes a hole in the intestine and that’s really very life-threatening,” Benbrahim said. “We had a patient have it for two weeks and he had severe complications and a bigger surgery.” There are several alternatives to clean a grill, such as buying a brush without wire bristles. Grillers can also use a ball of aluminum foil, a nylon-based sponge, or choose to burn the food remnants off.


Disclaimer : This article is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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