Doctors And Nurses Urge People To Stay Home For Them To Do Their Jobs And Save Lives

Doctors And Nurses Urge People To Stay Home For Them To Do Their Jobs And Save Lives

As difficult as social distancing might seem, it is the right thing to do.

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Yes, it's hard staying at home, especially if you have a very active social life. But it is something we need to do for all our survival. While many of us are complying with the social distancing, many are still out on the streets thinking nothing is going to happen to them. The frontrunners of healthcare -the doctors and nurses working day in and day out- have a message for us. A physician named Dr. Ahmed Rabea shared a selfie with a sign that reads, "I stayed at work for you. You stay at home for us!" 


If you can stay at home, please do. Ashley Barton, a nurse also shared a message on Facebook, urging people to stay put. I’m a nurse working on the front line of COVID-19. When I mean front line, I mean since the hospital essentially went on lockdown since this virus was announced a pandemic, I’ve been working at the main entrance screening every single person that walks in those doors. Even those who are trying to find the Emergency Department so they can be tested for COVID-19. Every single person gets asked the same series of questions. If you fail the screening you are asked to leave. Let me tell you- many people are very unhappy about this. But guess what, it’s not about you.


It’s about the mother of 3 undergoing chemotherapy on the Cancer Ward that has zero immune system. It’s about the 30 week old NICU baby that has already had to fight every single day of its life to stay alive. It’s about the favourite uncle that just had a massive stroke and is just barely out of the woods. It’s about the father of 2 who just had open heart surgery and has a long road of healing ahead. It’s about the grandmother who had broken her hip last week and is just beginning to mobilize again. It’s about protecting them. Not about punishing you. I’ll say it again- IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. People in the hospital are already immunocompromised, one more virus-especially this particular one- could KILL them. This is a matter of life and death. Stop being selfish and think of everyone else who is already fighting for their lives here.


It's important to stay at home so that the infection doesn't spread further than it already has. Italy is a prime example of what can happen if social distancing and self-quarantine aren't imposed. There will not be enough beds and equipment for people to be treated. These doctors and nurses are working extra shifts, tirelessly, without complaining, to make sure that the rest of us stay healthy. We are fortunate enough to stay at home. They aren't. Let's show them some respect. 

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