Doctor Marries Himself After His Partner Called Off Their Engagement 3 Months Before The Wedding

Doctor Marries Himself After His Partner Called Off Their Engagement 3 Months Before The Wedding

Despite his ex calling off their engagement, Dr. Diogo Rabelo went ahead with his beautiful wedding where he exchanged vows with himself in the presence of his friends and family.  

Image Source: Instagram/Dr Diogo Rabelo

Happiness doesn't have to depend on anyone else, it only starts and ends with you. A young doctor from Brazil was supposed to get married recently, but at the last minute, his partner decided he didn't want to go ahead with it and asked for the wedding to be called off. Thirty-three-year-old Diogo Rabelo decided that he was going to get married, with or without a partner, and he married himself in a ceremony attended by his family and loved ones, according to MSN. Despite being dumped, Rabelo went ahead with his beautiful wedding at a resort in Itacaré, Bahia, where he exchanged vows with himself in front of guests and followed all the rituals. 



The wedding took place on October 17 in a ceremony that cost roughly $61,000. As per reports, his fiancé Vitor Bueno broke off their engagement in July after series of fights. Rabelo shared photos and videos of his big day on his social media account that showed him say "I Do" to himself in front of a mirror, while he was surrounded by his loved ones. In a post, he added that the difficult episode in his life has taught him "that whoever wants to be with you will be". Not many people have the courage to pick themselves up and move on after a tragedy like this, but Rabelo proved that a separation is not the end of the world. 


"The good thing about marrying you is that there are no protocols! You have the freedom to have fun any way you want, and am I wrong? There was a bouquet of flowers YES!" he wrote in a post where he is seen holding a bouquet and tossing it to the wedding party, a ritual mostly reserved for brides. In a rather unique ritual, Rabelo's grandmother tied a special bracelet around his wrist, as footage showed him taking off his engagement band. "When God made his alliance with man, he created the rainbow and in a symbolic act, my wedding ring is a colorful sapphire bracelet to remind me that my alliance is with God Creator and not with men," he wrote while sharing the images.


Rabelo added that having his grandmother as part of the ceremony made him feel extra special. The man, specialized in cosmetic procedures, said he is still in love with his ex-partner and even wrote a passionate letter to his "last love" on the day of his wedding. "We dreamed of this moment, it was meant to be the big day of our lives. We even played like it was our 'secret place' but in the middle of the way you preferred to stay and let me go alone. Here I am, honoring my word. And still, I still respect you because I want you to be free to go wherever you want and stay wherever you want," he wrote.


Despite the differences, he had nothing but kind words to say about his ex. "You showed me how special I am and how much I have the potential to realize my dreams, including this: make my commitment to loving myself first," the post added. Speaking to the local news media outlet, Globo, the groom said: "I analyzed the situation for a month, and decided that I had to appreciate and love myself. I kept the ceremony and 40 of my 50 guests came. The message I wanted to send to people with this marriage of mine is not that of a victim, I do not depend on a marriage to be happy."


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