Dad Makes His Son A Backpack Using Raffia Strings Because Every Penny Saved Makes A Difference

Dad Makes His Son A Backpack Using Raffia Strings Because Every Penny Saved Makes A Difference

There are families for whom every penny counts and they think twice before making a purchase. So, this bag made lovingly by a father to his son makes a world of difference.

We live in a world of luxury where we get everything at the click of a button and we're fortunate enough to live life without facing any hardships. But, that's not the case when it comes to people around the world. There are so many countries where education is a luxury, especially in underdeveloped countries. It's something that every child has the right to but don't. According to the UN,  almost 60 million primary school-aged children aren’t in school. Do you know what the most common reason for this is? Poverty.  Some families don't have enough income to make ends meet, so their children work to contribute to the family instead of going to school to study. 


Peer pressure is something that all of us have gone through at some point in our lives. It is when someone around us does something and then we decide we want to do the exact same thing. For example, if someone gets a really expensive bag in our class and flaunts it, we'd go home to our parents and tell them that we want it, too. At that stage, we fail to understand the hardships that our parents are going through. 


Recently, a teacher from Cambodia couldn't help but notice that a student had a really unique school bag. Five-year-old NY Keng had a pretty cool school bag, and the teacher, Sophous Suon, told Bored Panda that a simple school bag cost 30000 riels ($7), but even then some families couldn't afford it. However, Keng's father decided it was best to save some money on the bag and instead got creative with it. 


He used bits and pieces of raffia string to weave a beautiful blue bag. Suon quickly took pictures of the unique bag and posted it on social media where it soon went viral! People were impressed by the father’s creativity and dedication. "People said that it’s heartwarming, touching, cool and creative father, love this bag," said the teacher. When the photo of the bag went viral, a few people even offered to buy the kid a new bag!


"Few foreigners asked for contact to send him the bags and my school leader already send his contact for them," said Suon. The bag looks so sturdy and well-made. It even has a flap and a clip to hold the flap closed. It has two straps for the boy to put it over his shoulders as well and carry it to school. It must have taken the father some time and dedication to making it, but it truly stands out in the class. 


This just goes to show that you don't need to shell out on a lot to have some things.  Sure, you'd have been able to get a branded bag if you spend around $10, but that same amount would have made a great difference to the family. Now, without spending a lot, the child's purpose to carry books to school while having an attractive bag has been fulfilled and that was the whole idea, wasn't it?


This incident touched a cord for Char Binks. She took to social media and wrote: This isn’t about a school bag for me but when I was young we were very poor. When I was around 4 it was fall and my siblings were at school. We live in the middle of nowhere and I didn't attend preschool so I stayed home with my mom. One day I found my mom cleaning up one of my sister's old dolls. She washed its hair and cleaned its face. She would take clothes that I had outgrown and made dresses for the doll by hand. This was my Christmas gift. She never knew I had watched her do this. As an adult and parent I put myself in her shoes. She taught me to be resourceful and the most loved things are not always store bought.



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