Divorce Parties Are A Thing Now And It Totally Makes The End Of A Marriage Look Fun!

Divorce Parties Are A Thing Now And It Totally Makes The End Of A Marriage Look Fun!

We celebrate just about everything in lire, so why not celebrate divorce and embrace the second chance that life has given us?

When someone tells you they're divorced, you're sometimes at a loss for words. What do you say to someone in a situation like that? Do you sympathize with them or tell them that you're happy for them? When someone goes through a divorce, they go through a plethora of emotions as well.

They do a lot of things that include drastic changes in their life to get over the sudden burst of emotions they experience. Some may get a haircut, some may spend some time with their friends, while others may just bury their sorrows in the comfort of other people. It takes time for them to recover from a divorce, and it also includes crying, a lot of it. 



Now, there's something new in the market that people have come up with to help them deal with the distress of divorce: divorce parties! We celebrate just about everything in our lives. Birthdays, graduation, bachelorettes, and whatnot.

There is a lot of stigmas that surround the word 'divorce' but it doesn't necessarily mean a bad thing all the time. Divorce is your second chance at life if you think of it. Why not have a celebration for that, then?



According to Glamour, the trend is real and People now post photos on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, using the #divorceparty hashtag. Christine Gallagher has been a divorce party planner since 2013, and she stumbled into the business after she organized a bash for a friend of her's who had gotten divorced back then.

“I’d read about a breakup party in an advice column and decided it could be a fun way to let her know that she was loved and supported," she said.



“All of our big life transitions—birth, marriage, death—have a ceremony or ritual. Until recently, there’s been nothing for divorce. But it’s the time when people need community the most,” she added. These divorce parties are so in demand now, and people want to have customized ones, based on their own stories of separation. Gallagher says her events range in price anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000. That's how much these women are willing to spend to celebrate their second chance at life!



Gallagher says she does her best to keep the events positive. “I try to make sure these don’t get completely out of control,” she says. “I read about people going to rage rooms and throwing axes and getting carried away. I want to make my parties about moving on.” 90 percent of the divorce parties that Gallagher planned has been for women, but she has planned divorce parties for straight men and gay couples too.



Honestly, there's nothing wrong in throwing a divorce party, now. It actually can be a form of closure for many people and even comforting to those who are hurting.

They can be reassured that they have friends and that they're not alone in this journey. Divorce is not an easy decision to make. Some people might have been suffering for years silently, and this party could act as a reassurance to them that life can be turned around and that they have a shot at being happy again. 



NB: If you're planning one, and looking for ideas, Instagram and Pinterest have designs aplenty! 

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