Heartless Woman Hurls Pet Cat Directly Into Path Of Chasing Dog

Heartless Woman Hurls Pet Cat Directly Into Path Of Chasing Dog

The accused claimed she did so as the cat was attacking her dogs. She has since apologized for her actions.

An Australian woman faces animal cruelty charges, with possible jail time, after being captured on video brutally tossing a pet cat across her backyard. This devastating footage shows how Charli Gowland, a resident of  Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, throws her friend's cat in the path of a chasing dog. According to a report by 7 News, Gowland stated that she hurled the long-haired pet cat across her yard because it was attacking her dogs. The heartless incident was captured by another friend of the accused, Jamilla Pearcy, who then posted it on Instagram and wrote: caption this.


Gowland, who has over 5,000 followers on Instagram, later apologized for her "inexcusable and wrong" actions. However, she claims that the cat is alive despite her friend telling the outlet otherwise. Wagga Wagga police authorities are investigating the matter, and if found guilty, she could face 5 years in jail or pay a hefty $22,000 fine, which is the maximum penalty charged in animal cruelty cases. An officer from the department revealed her disgust at Gowland's heinous actions. "I have seen the video and it's absolutely disgraceful. We have zero tolerance for animal cruelty in this community. Apart from it being really distasteful and disgusting, I don't see why anyone would see a video like that being funny," she said 



Following this, the RSPCA was notified as well. According to a report by the Daily Mail, the video instantly went viral with hundreds of people condemning Gowland for her unspeakable actions. One user, @Jubjub1401 wrote: They start with pets, and then they have kids - and start on them. This girl has already failed at being a normal human being. Calling out Gowland for her cruel actions, @AmberRajen said, Inhumane. She should be charged.


Another @MrCSG75 noted that the person who heartlessly filmed this act should be punished as well. Put her in jail and also charge the girl filming as an accomplice, read the comment. @drdmilly, who was at a loss of words after learning about the incident, added: Seriously hope they throw the book at this absolute trash. Being a young white woman, she'll get a slap on the wrist compared to a man doing the same. What an absolutely disgusting low life. Just lost for words. @jdawg685 commented: Id throw her in a den lions is that all good though?


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