Distraught Mother Begs For Help After Teenage Son With Cancer Slips Into Coma

Distraught Mother Begs For Help After Teenage Son With Cancer Slips Into Coma

17-year-old Sumith started experiencing severe leg pain about a month ago and began limping. After consulting a doctor, his family was devastated after learning that their son had bone cancer.

Cover Image Source: Milaap

Although the internet serves as a daily dosage of entertainment for most people, it also serves those in need. In the past couple of years, several organizations working towards raising money for people in dire need have been established online. Thanks to countless warmhearted netizens, who have selflessly donated any amount they can spare, such endeavors have been a success. Today, a young 17-year-old boy named Sumith from India's fate completely depends on the kindness and generosity of strangers. All his devastated mother can do now is pray for her sick son to open wake up from a coma he's been in for a few days now. 


According to  Milaap.org, a crowdfunding platform, Sumith is lying in the Intensive Care Unit in a vegetative state for the past couple of days. His mother Sunitha has been crying day and night by her son's bedside and has fainted multiple times in the hospital due to physical and mental exhaustion. Completely heartbroken, Sunitha is now in an inconsolable state. Her inability to do anything to get her son back to his former health is tormenting her every minute. And with no one to turn to for help, she is now appealing to anyone with financial means to save her son from dying. 


"Somebody please help us. I need my son to wake up and talk to me. He never used to let me cry. He would tell me not to cry in front of him. Why is he not responding to me now? Why is he not telling me not to cry? Please make him alright and bring him back to life. I cannot bear to see him so lifeless," lamented the distressed mother. Sumith's ordeal began a few days before his 17th birthday when he started experiencing severe leg pain. Noticing their son limping, the parents assumed that he might have hurt his leg during a fall, however, the pain persisted. 

His parents decided to take him to a local doctor as his pain would not reduce. That's when the family received the most devastating news of their lives. Sumith had been diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of cancerous cells present in the bones. Soon his health started deteriorating and he had to be rushed to the hospital as he had developed a fever and his blood pressure had dropped critically. And ever since then he's been in the Intensive Care Unit. 


Unable to come to terms with his young brother's conditions, Anil, said, "My little brother is a shy and studious person. He is extremely intelligent and ambitious. He aims to be a doctor. We never thought he would end up being in the hospital as a patient battling for his life. How can something as fatal as cancer come to such a healthy boy? He was someone who used to not touch any junk food. I’m finding it very hard to come in terms with this." The boy's father, Shivkumar, is unable to afford Sumith's expensive treatment with his meager salary of 200-300 Rupees (approximately $4) per day.


After losing his job in a sugar factory in Bidar, Karnataka three years ago, Sumith's father hasn't been able to find a stable job and is struggling to meet ends by working as a daily wager. "I really don’t have the money for my son’s treatment. We need 12 Lakh Rupees ($16,711) for Sumith’s limb salvage surgery and chemotherapy. I wish I could do something but God has made me poor and helpless. I’m losing strength and faith day after day... I can't save my son," said the heartbroken father. Sumith's family continues to face a huge financial obstacle as their son needs chemotherapy, as well, as an operation to survive their deathly disease. With no proper income or any financial aids, his parents are now depending on the generous contributions of strangers to save their son's life. If you wish to help this devasted family by making a donation, you can click here


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