Disney Is Serving Slushies With Rainbow Swirl And Glitter And It's The Best Thing About This Season

Disney Is Serving Slushies With Rainbow Swirl And Glitter And It's The Best Thing About This Season

The Serv-ice station has come straight out of the 'Cars' franchise to serve you some pure magic! It has an insane collection of delicious slushies!

Disney never lets us down and that's a fact! No matter what amusement park they open or merchandise store or any outlet at all, customers know they have entered the magical world of Disney. They really know how to stick to the theme and give you food and beverages that you would have probably seen in their movies. Straight from the Cars franchise, Ramon's service station is here to give us some extremely colorful and delicious slushies with rainbow swirl and glitter. It is extremely attractive and something we all HAVE to go and try.


Ramone is the 1958 Chevrolet Impala low-rider in the Cars franchise, in case you don't remember. The car in the 2006 Pixar-flick owned a body shop in Radiator Springs and had the craziest designs for car bodies. Well, Ramone's crazy designs have inspired some of the drinks at the new "Serv-Ice" station collection. Well, McQueen and company aren't the only ones who need some refueling in the coming summer, right? However, we're just going to replace the gasoline with sugar because I'm sure gasoline can't do any good to our bodies. 



The newly debuted Slushie bar includes a variety of frozen flavors, but more importantly, a "Rainbow Sparkle Glitter" topping. The summer special drink was announced to the world on the Disney Food Blog earlier this week and the fans are going absolutely bonkers about it! Here's the taste breakdown: There's the World Grand Freeze, Groovy Glacier, Dinoco Blue, and Red's 4 Alarm Fire. Each and every order includes layers of different flavors and a bevy of add-ons like Strawberry or Passion Fruit Popping Pearls, Nerds, and Dinosaur Gummies.



The Instagram perfect drink has yet another topping to offer since the fans are surely not going to be satisfied with just the one, that's would just be unfair, right? The Groovy Glacier has Mello-Yello, cherry, blue raspberry, and lime slushie flavors with a layer of the candy sparkles between each. Plus, the rim is coated in the sweet stuff and then topped with the strawberry popping pearls. Could it get any better than this?! One thing we know for sure is that it is going to be super sweet and is most definitely going to give you a sugar rush no matter how old you are. 



The best thing is that the drink is available at Cars Land, the Disney California Adventure and at the Disneyland Resort. The magical looking drinks might look all fancy and expensive but they aren't! Each frozen sipper is $5.99 with the exception of the Groovy Glacier, which is priced at $6.49. One of the cast members at Ramone's Serv-Ice Station revealed the menu which shows exactly what all the drinks are made up of. You know how some food items just look really attractive but don't taste all that good? Well, it's safe to say that these drinks DO NOT fall under that category.

Source: Disney Food Blog


It looks like Disney is really pushing the envelope this year with the opening of this slushie store, as well as the Star Wars amusement park that will be opening later next month. The Star Wars: Galaxies Edge theme park is said to open in California and Florida and the fans cannot wait for it. The entire park is going to be a whole new world where each visitor plays a character and feel involved in the entire process. However, Disney recently announced that the first batch of visitors will only get four hours to discover the entire theme park - now that's a bummer. So maybe go there the after the opening, you can literally live your Star Wars dream for a couple of days. 


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