Devastated Mom Screamed In Anguish After Her Toddler Fell 150 Feet To Her Death On A Cruise Ship

Devastated Mom Screamed In Anguish After Her Toddler Fell 150 Feet To Her Death On A Cruise Ship

Before anyone knew it, she was gone.

Image Source: Legacy.com/Obituaries

It only takes a second for things to change, for good or for bad. It seems perfect one second, but the next second, something unexpected happens, leaving everyone reeling in shock. This is what happened to Kimberly Schultz Wiegand, and she had to endure unbearable pain after she horrifyingly lost her daughter. Daily Mail reports that the entire family was on vacation aboard the 'Freedom of the Seas' cruise ship, which is operated by the Royal Caribbean cruise line. 18-month-old Chloe Wiegand was also present, enjoying her time being pampered by her parents, her brother, her paternal and maternal grandparents, and other relatives. 


Baby Chloe and her grandfather Salvatore Anello were seated next to a window in the dining hall on the 11th deck of the cruise as it docked in San Juan, Puerto Rico. After a while a piercing wail ripped through the calm waves as Kimberly cried in anguish. Her precious baby had accidentally fallen from the window on the 11th floor; a staggering height of 150 feet. The little girl is said to have crashed onto a concrete floor. She was immediately rushed to the hospital but she couldn't be saved. A fellow passenger told Telemundopr, "[We heard] the screams of the families because we were close."


"I looked because of the mother's cry. That tonality, a scream of pain of that nature, does not compare with any other scream," the passenger added. The heartbroken family questioned why there was a gap left in the place that was supposed to be the children's play area as it was reported that Chloe and her grandpa were hanging about in a water zone for children on the ship. Thus, not having the area securely closed may have been negligence on the part of the cruise line.


"Chloe wanted to bang on the glass" as she did during her brother's hockey games when she fell out of the window," attorney Michael Winkleman told BBC. "Her grandfather thought there was glass just like everywhere else, but there was not, and she was gone in an instant." Chloe's grandfather Salvatore will always carry this haunting memory around with him.  Though he was investigated for her death, people around him vouch for the man. "People just love him here in the county. He's a very selfless man, he's got a servant's heart, as we say. And just one of the most wonderful human beings that you could ever meet," his boss said, according to CBS News.


Chloe's grandfather was "crying hysterically". Michael Winkleman added, "The family needs answers as to why there would be an open window in a wall full of fixed windows in a kids' play area? Why would you have the danger without any warning, sign, or notice?" Baby Chloe was a cheerful toddler who touched everyone's lives, Michael Winkleman said, according to Today, and having her taken away from them so soon is unthinkable. If this hadn't happened to them, they would have been celebrating her second birthday a few months later.


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