People Are Now Decorating Their Nails With Creepy Tiny Hands & Feet In Bizarre Trend

People Are Now Decorating Their Nails With Creepy Tiny Hands & Feet In Bizarre Trend

You can now get yourself a manicure with either hands or legs on your fingernails!

Instagram/ Nail_Sunny

Trends come and go with each passing day, probably why it's also known as fast fashion. The thing is, with nails, people go all out and get wild designs and patterns on them, and thanks to a nail salon known as Nail Sunny, bizarre nail trends keep popping up now and then. It may sound a little confusing right now, but most of us have five fingers on each hand and toe. Now, imagine five fingers on each finger(nail). I'm not quite the pro at math but I can tell you that's way too many fingernails on fingernails. It's like Inception here. The page first posted about the trend in 2018, but it's something none of us are getting over anytime soon.



In a short tutorial video, the technician crafts her nails into tiny toes complete with red polish on the minute toenails reported The Sun. They have always been known for their notorious designs but this one seemed to get a lot of mixed responses from people. Well, if you want to add fingers to your fingernail, then they'd do that, too, complete with nail polish for the fake nails on the fake nail. 



Then again, if you want to flip someone off with your fake nails, they'll do that for you as well. They will create a fake nail with the eight finger protruding and that will do most of the work for you, hopefully, without getting yourself into much trouble. One person tagged a friend on the video and commented: "imagine me tickling your back with these monstrosity nails." 



Yes, this is the same place that rose to fame after they put milk bottles on nails, and actual dead insects as well. They do a lot more than that and honestly, their creativity must be applauded. These guys have put actual fruits on nails and they also come up with highly creative nails according to the occasion! Halloween? Let's do a bloody design or a ghost-themed one. Valentine's day? How about some hearts on nails? 



Apart from the creative bit, they also regularly post updates of nails with impeccable manicures and they themselves are a sight to behold. Okay, so getting back to the hands-on nails, there were some people who weren't big fans of it. Delilah Atkinson wrote: "This isn’t a beauty trend - this is to see how social media influences & how people are foolish enough to believe it and go out & do it themselves." Pam Selep added: "That is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my entire life."


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