Mom Reveals She Still Bathes With Her Preteen Sons, Sparks Social Media Debate

Mom Reveals She Still Bathes With Her Preteen Sons, Sparks Social Media Debate

Not everyone seems to be able to digest the fact that this woman still took showers with her two sons, aged 10 and 11.

When it comes to children, each person has a different way of parenting. Some things might be a common practice among parents while some may leave us shocked and outraged. Mother-of-two Lauren Libbert recently gained attention after she admitted that she still follows her family tradition of bathing with her 10 and 11-year-old sons. She was asked if it's okay to be nude around your kids during an episode of ITV's This Morning and Libbert defended herself and said that there's "nothing to be ashamed of" and that we need to be more "open with our children."



"If they're happy with it, we'll have a bath together maybe once a week. It's something we all enjoy," she said. Lauren said this was the way she grew up, where bath-time was an opportunity to spend some quality time with the mother. "It's something that we do in the house that's very normal. I think it's really natural. What can be more natural than being naked in the privacy of your own home," she continued.



Lauren said her boys are fine with the unusual exercise, but there has been no comment about this from their side. "I have a tiny bathroom but we'll all scooch together and have a bath together and my boys are very comfortable with them being naked and me being naked," she revealed. A lot of people who tuned in to the show were appalled by the whole thing because this is the first time they've come across something like this, but some said this was being "over-sexualized".



A user took to Twitter to write: It is natural, she is doing no harm and her boys are comfortable with it. But life coach Ben Edwards thinks this is wrong as he explains why it's not okay for parents to be naked around their children. "Being naked so openly, it's more about the confusion that could lead on from that." Apparently, some people think it's okay to be naked around your children, but at a prepubescent age, it could be more confusing than helpful to them. 



One user added: These poor boys will undoubtedly be taunted in school now after their mother revealing this to the nation. Bad parenting, in my opinion. Soon, more people started commenting on how this would have been a grave issue if the roles were reversed here. If it were a dad bathing naked with his two pre-teen daughters, then all hell would have broken loose. Another user wrote:  I bet the poll would be reversed if he, a dad, bathed with his 12-year-old daughters. It's such double standards.



Perhaps what shocked people the most was the fact that she addressed a lot of controversial subjects. "It's interesting to hear all that as my boys have definitely become more intrigued with my body as they've grown older; there's more pointing and snickering and they ask lots more questions," she said. It's not something everyone can digest. True, children need to learn the basics about the human body but is this the way they should learn about it is the question of the hour. 



Even though people aren't really sure if this is good parenting, Lauren concluded the segment on quite the positive note. "If they start to have issues with being naked, I will take their lead. We're all comfortable about this," she said. "I grew up in this environment and I was doing this past puberty but I think it's made me more comfortable in my own skin and isn't that an amazing gift to be able to give to your children if one can be?" In the end, to each their own, right?


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