Adorable Blind And Deaf Dog Comforts Every Foster Animal His Owner Brings Home

Adorable Blind And Deaf Dog Comforts Every Foster Animal His Owner Brings Home

Sherio has lived in 12 different foster homes and was adopted four-times only to be returned. The rescue dog finally found his forever home.

Image Source: Facebook/Sherio's Shenanigans

Cover Image: Facebook/Sherio's Shenanigans

Cuddly, cute, loyal and compassionate, basically dogs are a blessing to mankind. Period. All they ask in return is the much-deserved love and kindness. This is exactly what Sheryl Smith had in mind when she began rescuing abandoned and ill-treated animals years ago. She made it her mission to nurse them back to health and help them find a suitable forever home. Smith's generous efforts were soon rewarded when she met a dog named Sherio, who is now being showered with love for comforting other foster pets who come to his house. 


Sherio is a rescue dog, who was adopted by Smith about two years ago. Unfortunately, he had to go through a lot of trouble to be loved by someone. According to his Facebook page, Sherio's Shenanigans, the furry pet has lived in twelve different foster homes and was adopted four-times only to be returned. Apart from having severe anxiety issues, Sherio is also deaf and visually impaired, but this didn't stop Smith from granting him a forever home. "He was a handful but everyone else had given up on him and we weren't prepared to do that too," Smith told The Dodo.


"He still to this day cries in the car because he thinks he's being dropped off somewhere else," continued the pet parent. Although Sherio continues to struggle, his condition has improved tremendously ever since he found his forever family. Having experienced and endured so much at an early age, Sherio tends to have a soft spot for the needy and distressed animals that his owner fosters. Ever since joining his family, the kind dog has been comforting every rescue animal that has passed through his home. 


"Just after his rescue l rescued a pregnant dog who was too sick to care for her pups, so Sherio climbed in with them and started cleaning them," recalled Smith. "He's done that with every rescue I take in. He will just sit patiently with the feral cats/kittens and bonds so strongly with them, they trust him before they trust me." Recounting the details of a recent incident, Smith shared how she rushed to rescue a tiny feral kitten who was sick and struggling. The rescuer was shocked to see the feral's (named Tiny Tolley) heartwrenching condition as it was very sick and skinny.


Determined to nurse it back to health Smith decided to bring her home as she feared that Tiny Tolley wouldn't make it if she was left out there any longer. Surprisingly, Sherio was able to sense the severity of her condition ever since she was brought home.  "Shiro never left her crate for a second," recalled Smith, adding, "He knew she was so sick and so scared and that she needed to be comforted." Eventually, Tolley began regaining her former strength but Sherio wasn't ready to leave her side just yet. One day, when the kitty was lying on Smith's lap, Sherio rushed towards her to give her a big comforting kiss.


Once Tolley is completely healed, Smith plans on finding her a forever home of her own. But for now, the little kitten has two lovely angels looking after it! "His love and compassion for the other rescues is nothing short of amazing," Smith said.


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