Daycare Rejects 3-Year-Old Twins Because They Have Gay Dads

Daycare Rejects 3-Year-Old Twins Because They Have Gay Dads

Stefan and his husband Rosha wanted to admit their 3-year-old twins Rahul and Rafael in a daycare program in Lenzburg. The kids were rejected solely because their parents were gay.

It was a mixed emotion between anger and sadness for Stefan and Rosha, a gay couple from Switzerland when their sexuality was used against their twin sons. The couple wanted to enroll their 3-year old boys - Rahul and Rafael, in a daycare program located in Lenzburg, a city situated 30 miles east of Zurich. The kids were denied admission solely because their parents are gay. A local newspaper Lenzburger Bezirks-Anzeiger reported this matter. 


According to Daily News, a playgroup is a kind of daycare that is open only during the day and aims at helping children socialize with one another right before they are ready to attend preschool. Speaking to Swiss newspaper 20 Minutes, Stefan recalled the reason the daycare's director provided the couple for their kid's rejection. "(The director) said that little ones can be very mean to each other, so she didn’t want want to welcome children from a gay couple," he revealed. 


The representative further mentioned how their family's configuration is "neither normal nor natural." Unfortunately, there isn't much Stefan and his husband can do about this tragic discrimination. Lenzberg’s Municipal Chancellor, Christoph Hofstetter, reportedly informed an outlet how the playgroup is a private institution that doesn't receive any money from the public and so, there are not obligated to accept children they do not think are suitable or their group. 


Providing her view on the matter, Cordula Niklaus, the vice-president of a professional lesbian network, said, "This incident shows that protection against hate and discrimination is a necessity. If these children had Jewish parents, the exclusion would already be punishable." Currently, the couple is looking for another daycare center, failing which, they would have no option but to wait until next year for their kids to grow old enough to join a school directly. 


By shedding light on this usually suppressed issue, the couple hoped that their case would help others tackle similar discriminations. "It’s good that our case is causing a discussion about homophobia in society," said a heartbroken Stefan, adding, "We hope that lesbian or gay couples will no longer have to face the same discrimination that we did."


Responding to this situation Twitter user, @SassBaller wrote: The daycare's director said that the other kids might be mean to the boys, so she didn't want them in her daycare. Seems the only bully in this situation is the director. Meanwhile, the boys look adorable. Another @JoeBrummer expressed: In case you all thought we were living in our cute little Will and Grace world. We’re not. @askboomer1949 wrote: ... and they lied about why. Liars and Hypocrites It is persecution and will scar these boys forever. This disgusts me beyond description. Christian America? While @wbrentchandler saw this rejection as a blessing for the boys who wouldn't be surrounded by negative people. Good. Save the children from prejudice fear mongering hateful people. They dont need that in their lives. Happy home happy life. It's all anyone should want really, wrote the user. 


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