Pink Floyd Guitarist David Gilmour Raised $21 Million For Climate Change By Auctioning His Guitars

Pink Floyd Guitarist David Gilmour Raised $21 Million For Climate Change By Auctioning His Guitars

The Pink Floyd genius auctioned off 126 of his guitars at a New York charity auction held on Thursday. The proceedings will go to ClientEarth, that tackles climate change.

The planet is crying for help and many organizations have teamed up in order to help reverse or at least contain the damage that has already been done to the environment. Among several pressing issues, climate change is one of the greatest factors that none of us can overlook and Pink Floyd's David Gilmour joined the bandwagon this Thursday in assistance. In order to fight against this deadly change, the Pink Floyd guitarist auctioned off 126 of his guitars for a record-breaking amount of over $21 (£16.5m) million at a New York charity auction held this week.


He is giving away all the amount to ClientEarth, a nonprofit fighting for climate change. In a recent Twitter post, he wrote: I am pleased to announce that all the proceeds from the #GilmourGuitars Sale at @ChristiesInc in New York tomorrow will be donated to the charity @ClientEarth.  The famous guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter of the legendary British band further shed light on the importance of restoring our nature and pressed on the fact that "the global climate crisis is the greatest challenge that humanity will ever face, and we are within a few years of the effects of global warming being irreversible."


Continuing the thread of tweets the artist wrote: As Greta Thunberg, the 16-year-old Swedish climate activist said in a speech earlier this year, “Either we choose to go on as a civilisation, or we don’t”. Followed by another which presented a very simple choice: The choice really is that simple, and I hope that the sale of these guitars will help ClientEarth in their cause to use the law to bring about real change. Finally, he ended the thread by writing, We need a civilised world that goes on for all our grandchildren and beyond in which these guitars can be played and songs can be sung.


The auction included bidders from 66 countries all around the world and lasted eight hours reported CNN. The sales were managed by Christie's, a British auction house. Speaking about the guitars the 'Comfortably Numb' artist put up for the auction our attention was brought to "The Black Strat", a heavily modified 1969 Fender Stratocaster that appeared on the band's famous tracks like Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Comfortably Numb, and Money which sold for $3,975,000. The estimated value of the instrument was $150,000 and this easily broke the record for the highest guitar ever sold at an auction.


Gilmore spoke about the importance of his guitar collection and hoped that the guitar would bring the same joy to the new owners as it brought him all these years. Martin Nazareth 1969 D-35 acoustic, his favorite guitar was able to earn over $1 million. According to the Independent, the artist said, "These guitars have been very good to me and many of them have given me pieces of music over the years. They have paid for themselves many times over, but it’s now time that they moved on." Further adding, "Guitars were made to be played and it is my wish that wherever they end up, they continue to give their owners the gift of music."


The winning purchase was made by Jim Irsay, owner of  Indianapolis Colts, who bought both the Black Strat and the Martin D-35 by spending $5.245 million at the auction. This amount accounted for approximately 24% of total sales. The proud owner of the masterpieces posted a celebratory post on Twitter: The incomparable David Gilmour.. the greatest ‘phrasing’ guitarist in the world!! Honored to bring The Black Strat to the public. The most expensive guitar EVER purchased. And for charity!!! Explaining the significance of his Stratocaster, Gilmour told Rolling Stone, "You know something? For me, I can let go of it."


"It's going to bring a lot of people to have a look at this sale, and it's going to do that job. It's a lovely guitar. ... I did my 'Comfortably Numb' solo on it. The notes for the beginning of 'Shine On You Crazy Diamond' fell out of it one day," he continued. The CEO of ClientEarth James Thornton expressed his gratitude in a statement, "This is a truly humbling and extraordinary gift, which goes beyond our wildest expectations." Adding further he said, "It’s difficult to express just how deeply grateful we are to David for choosing ClientEarth as the beneficiary of this historic auction."


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