This Company Turns Your Deceased Pet's Ashes Into Cute Glass Momentos To Keep Precious Memories Alive

This Company Turns Your Deceased Pet's Ashes Into Cute Glass Momentos To Keep Precious Memories Alive

Davenport Memorial Glass serves as a beautiful alternative to capture the memories of one's beloved pets in the cutest way possible.

Dealing with the loss of someone close is never easy. Be it an animal or another human being, it hurts just the same. In order to cherish and keep their memories alive, people come up with various physical reminders. It could be a pendant, or a tattoo, or even a shrine. But Cameron Davenport has come up with a beautiful and touching momento that will forever immortalize your pet pooch.



His creations are mainly shaped out of glass which holds the true essence of one's departed friend. Davenport molds these fragile glass pieces according to the design of your choice and adds a spoonful of ashes of the soul you wish to remember. The stunning glass pieces come in travel sizes which can be easily carried around without taking up much of your luggage space. The cutest ones are the paw-shaped translucent items that serve as a perfect representation of your beloved dogs or cats.




On his website, Davenport Memorial Glass, he mentions how he always includes his customer's opinion while making the design. "Since these items are so heartfelt, we will include you in the process. Once your package arrives, we will call you to make sure we have your order correct," he writes. Explaining the process of including the ashes he writes, "Most pieces can be made with just a small spoonful of ash." So you won't have to send in a lot of the ash and only a little would suffice. 





The heartfelt emotion he tries to capture while making these gorgeous keepsakes is evident. "Our goal is to physically capture a moment, to create a keepsake that brings back a memory. Nothing will compare to the time spent with your loved one, but we hope to aid in treasuring them and remembering the precious time you had together."  While people chose to bury their pets at pet cemeteries, there are others that choose to cremate them. 





Nevertheless, not everyone resides close to a cemetery which they could visit whenever they like. This is when Devenport's wonderful alternative comes into play. You will always have a part of your beloved furry friend with you on all times, and what could be more comforting than this tastefully decorated item.  





This talented glass wielding artist has other amazing works of art that do not include ashes. He employs his creativity to skillfully blend colorful patterns into these delicate glass work that one would definitely want to own. Davenport understands the strength that souvenirs hold in one's life and so he also offers a way to keep them alive.






His creations are priced from $45 onwards.  In addition, humans can get one, too. He offers a variety of designs to have their ashes molded into something that will last forever. By doing so, he's able to place a smile across his customer's faces.




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