Girl Brags About Mother's Youthful Looks, Now People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Beautiful Moms

Girl Brags About Mother's Youthful Looks, Now People Are Sharing Photos Of Their Beautiful Moms

Twitter user @shilpilkins wanted to show the world how beautiful her mother is for her age. Soon others began showing off their own!

It took one post for a daughter to make her mother famous on the Internet. On August 11, a Twitter user called @shilpilkins decided to share a snap of her attractive middle-aged mom celebrating her youthful looks. She's 43 and hardly looks a day over 30!

Source: Twitter


What the daughter didn't anticipate was the bevy of images people started uploaded of their own mothers in response. After being liked over 25,000 times, the tweet became viral giving birth to several comments and pictures of other mothers who look nothing like their age. Although the jaw-dropping beauty contest that followed had many worthy winners, the fact that these ladies had found the elixir of life was common in all of them. Here are a few honorable mentions:

1. My mother is 41 and she is divine.


2. Mine is 60. 



3. My mom is 43 and it seems to me that I am adopted. 



4. My mother is 42 and she still looks a hundred times better than me * proud *


5. I'm 34!



6. Mine 45!



7. Take my 45-year-old mom to your club, "I will take your father, and if you want, then the guy"? 



8. Mine 53...



9. Mine 48. She is a teacher. I know that she sucks youth from her students.



10. My mother is 65 years old and she too can take away any man from me.



11. I’ll also share my 67-year-old mother's picture. She is a professional model.



12. Mine 37 (I love very much)  



13. My mom is 46 and I’m still being asked permission to look after her



14. Mine is also 43 (we are standing with her beautiful)



15. Hi, my mom is almost forty, take me to the club



16. I can relate. My mama with her granddaughter.



17. My mom at 43. 



18. My mother has 3 children, after 2 weeks 46!



19. My mother is almost 41. Often mistaken for my older sister.



20. My mother will be 41, but they give her a maximum of 34. Increasingly, I am convinced that I am adopted.


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