Dad Smothers 7-Month-Old Son To Death After Twisting His Testicles, Leaving Him In "Immense Pain"

Dad Smothers 7-Month-Old Son To Death After Twisting His Testicles, Leaving Him In "Immense Pain"

Post mortem examination found multiple non-accidental injuries all over baby Oskar's body, including his neck, face, and both testicles.

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Trigger Warning: This story contains graphic details of child abuse and death that may be disturbing to some readers.

A man in the UK has been found guilty of torturing his infant son to death. Preston Crown Court heard how the then 20-year-old Kane Kennedy forcibly grabbed 7-month-old Oskar Jobey-Kennedy by his testicles, by pinching, gripping, or twisting them, before pushing his fingers down the throat of the helpless baby. Then, he placed his hand over the defenseless child's mouth and smothered him to death. It was revealed that Kennedy was "bad-tempered" during the time of the abuse as he could not get any cannabis to smoke, according to Metro.




The shocking incident unfolded on October 1, 2015, when Oskar became unresponsive. Paramedics were called to the scene and the child was rushed to the Royal Lancaster Infirmary. Tragically, he was pronounced dead soon after he arrived. Kennedy told officers that he had fallen asleep with the baby under his arm and when he woke up at 8:45 am on October 1, the baby was not responding. But during a post mortem examination, it was found that Oskar had multiple non-accidental injuries all over his body. There were a total of 13 marks on his neck and face, as well as bruising in both testicles. The jury was told that these injuries, especially the one to his testicles, would have caused the infant "immense pain" when he was alive. 




Initially, Kennedy denied manslaughter charges and attempted to pin the blame on the child's mother Tia Jobey, who was 19 at the time. However, the jury did not believe his story. The court heard that the couple had begun arguing about Kennedy's use of cannabis two months before the death of their son. The heartbroken mom said that Kennedy would become "stressy" whenever he could not get to smoke cannabis, which made "him paranoid about everything." Jobey admitted that the relationship was not a good one and that she should have left him. However, she could not bring herself to do so after being gripped by the fear of being alone. 




Jobey's representative Stuart Denney revealed how his client had fallen "head over heels in love" with Kennedy when she was just 16. It was her first proper relationship and her affection for him had "blinded her to reality." The jury was also informed about an exchange the pair had on Facebook in the months leading to little Oskar's death. In the messages, Jobey had confronted Kennedy about abusing their son by sticking his finger down his throat. "I'm trying to make sure Oskar is happy and safe and while you are addicted to weed and violent and abusive he's not safe at all," she wrote in one of the messages, according to BBC.




"You throw him around like a toy, suffocate him, stick your finger down his ... throat. And he's always in the middle of our arguments and fights," she continued. Jobey told cops that she believes Kennedy would change after that. However, after learning about the extent of injuries he had inflicted upon Oskar at the time of his arrest, she ended the relationship. That being said, the judge could not accept that she did not foresee the risk of death. Thus, she was sentenced to 30 months in a young offender institution after pleading guilty to causing or allowing the death of a child. According to Daily Mail, Kennedy was sentenced to life in prison for his horrible crime against the infant. He has been ordered to serve at least 18 years before being eligible to apply for parole.




During the sentencing, Justice William Davies addressed Kennedy and said, "Oskar was a tiny baby who relied upon those in charge of his care to protect him. In his case both of those in the relationship failed him. His mother knew that he was at serious risk and did not take adequate steps to protect him and you were the one that killed that tiny baby. You caused serious and hugely painful injuries to Oskars genital area and pushed your fingers down his throats and suffocated him." The judge added, "It was a dreadful thing to do to that seven-month-old tiny baby who was in the care of you. Your family life was well supported both by your grandmother and Tia's mother and this is not a case where you were at your wit's end."

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