Dad Builds Hundreds Of Desks For Students In Need: "I've Gotten Thousands Of Messages"

Dad Builds Hundreds Of Desks For Students In Need: "I've Gotten Thousands Of Messages"

Mitchell Couch, a former carpenter, says it's the messages of gratitude that keeps him going.

Image Source: GoFundMe/ Building Desks For Distance Learning Children

A dad and a former carpenter with a really big heart, from Lemoore, California, wants every child in his community to have their own space to sit down and study during online classes. Mitchell Couch, a father of four, has reportedly put together dozens of desks to help out low-income students who are struggling with remote learning amid the coronavirus epidemic. According to CNN, he built 40 desks in one week with the help of his family. Basically, the idea came to him when he saw that his kids had their book strewn across the living room. He drove to the closest store and spent $50 on enough supplies to build two desks.


"Within a couple of hours, two of my kids had their own place to store their supplies and focus on school," Couch said. He posted pictures of his craftmanship online and it soon became viral. "We started getting so many messages from people who wanted to build their own desks too, but didn't know how to assemble the wood," Couch said. "So, I decided to make a YouTube video with step-by-step instructions in order to help as many people as possible." Word continued to spread, and a couple of days later, the local grocery outlet offered to pay for supplies if Couch was willing to build desks for other students in the school district who did not have their own space to learn.


Couch was more than happy to take on the project. With the help of his family, Couch managed to build 40 desks in a week. "We heard from teachers that the kids who have their own space to learn do so much better with distance learning," Couch said after a parent-teacher conference earlier this year. "It's so much easier to separate home and school life that way. When you're done with school, you can leave the desk and come eat at the kitchen table." Couch, who works full-time as a building inspector for the city of Corcoran, says he receives a lot of messages of gratitude from parents, teachers, and grandparents. 


That's what keeps him going, he adds. "If I can help the community get through this pandemic with some wood and nails, you bet I will keep at this," he said. They now have a GoFundMe page to raise funds since requests just kept pouring in. With schools requiring our kids to do distance learning,  there are many households that don't have space for their children to learn. We are trying to raise money to buy all of the materials to build 100 desks. This campaign came about due to the overwhelming response where we made 35 desks and the story went viral. So many people reached out to us offering to help along with others that desperately needed desks for their children or grandchildren.


We are planning on doing 100 desks in one day this Saturday,  October 3rd, 2020.  We believe we can build all of the desks in one day with the help of our community. Your help is greatly appreciated.  Even the smallest donation or share will help us reach our goal. An update read: Thank you to everyone who has shared or donated to our GoFundMe. We really appreciate it. Requests have poured in from around the nation for desks and we are trying to answer everyone's questions. We will keep everyone updated here. The page has raised $3,638 of their $4,000 target! 


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