'Cruel' Stepmom Asks Strangers To Edit Her Stepson Out Of A Family Photograph

'Cruel' Stepmom Asks Strangers To Edit Her Stepson Out Of A Family Photograph

Natalie's current profile picture on Facebook is the picture with her stepson edited out.

Image Source: Twitter/WadeCross

A woman from Florida was deemed a "monster" after she asked netizens to Photoshop her stepson out of their family photograph. The "pathetic" mom, Natalie, can be seen in the image with her husband and three children. Among them, the couple shares two biological kids and the third is her husband's son from a previous relationship. They had recently posed for a family photograph but Natalie couldn't ask her stepson to not join them. Instead, she took to a Facebook group and offered strangers $10 to remove the child as she wanted just one image with "her boys."




After being shared on Twitter last week, the photograph became viral with hundreds of Twitter users slamming the woman and calling her "heartless" and "gross", reports Daily Mail. It was user @WadeCrosss​ who shared the screenshots of the exchange on October 9 but did not reveal his connection with any of the people involved. Hello! Can anyone remove the center kid? Willing to cashapp, Venmo, or zelle $10. Photographers [sic] permission is included, wrote Natalie and posted it on the Photoshop Fairy Connection group on Facebook. While most didn't like her request and responded with angry and sad emojis, someone did grant her wish as her Facebook profile photograph had an image with her stepson edited out. 




Twitterverse was left furious and one user wrote: Imagine having a heart this small. One can only hope Step Mommy Dearest never makes her step-son feel as unwelcome as she makes it sound in these messages. Another expressed: Not seeing too many defenders of this monster, but to be clear: this isn’t just her wanting 1-2 shots with her bio kids in the album. She chose the *edited* version as her profile picture - the photo she uses to represent herself to the world. That’s who she sees as her family. One user was moved to tears after seeing the post. Instant tears but relieved face there are some step-parents who should not be allowed near any children, even their own. I hope this poor boy finds the kind of friends I met by accident on the way to healing from just those scars. May they show him acceptance, belonging and love, they wrote.






Some criticized the father for allowing this terrible behaviour towards his son. How can the husband still be married to her at this point? The moment I saw the new header without my child I would be ready to fight. I know all too well how it feels to be the resented step-child and it's not fun, shared one. Soon people began sharing their own horrible experience. User Claire Emma recalled: I was a nanny for a woman who was awful to her two stepdaughters. The father never said a word, and watched her verbally abuse his daughters constantly, while both dad and stepmom favoured their toddler half sister. Sadly I don't think it's uncommon for men to just let it happen.




Soon people began posting what an ideal parent should be like and the stories were truly heartwarming. User Eric Brink shared: My bio father left after kidnapping me for 4 months when I was 3. Mom got me back and I never heard from him again. My stepdad raised me from age 4 to currently @ 44. I just call him Dad. Fuck bio dad and fuck this lady so hard. I have 2 step kids now I treat no different at all.









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