Cruel Mom Puts Her 1-Week-Old Baby Up "For Sale" So She Can Buy New Pair Of Boots

Cruel Mom Puts Her 1-Week-Old Baby Up "For Sale" So She Can Buy New Pair Of Boots

The 25-year-old mother was ready to give away her daughter for $3,900.

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A young mother heartlessly put a price tag on her baby girl just to add a new pair of boots to her wardrobe. The 25-year-old woman was more than willing to sell her own child, who was barely a week old, to come up with the money for it. According to The Sun, Luiza Gadzhieva posted an advertisement on the black market in Russia which featured her infant. Just days after giving birth to her daughter Gadzhieva began looking for parents who were willing to adopt her child for a good price. Soon people began responding to her advertisement and one potential buyer's offer caught her attention.


They were willing to pay a little over $3900 (£3,000) for the little one-week-old infant and Gadzhieva more than ready to give up her kid for that amount. After agreeing to sell her tiny baby for that price, Gadzhieva, who has three other children, made plans to hand over her baby to the buyer. The mom said she would be at a coffee shop in Moscow with "mercenary motives" and there she would complete the transaction. It was during this final meeting that the mom finally learned the true identity of the people with whom she was trying to do business. 


The unsuspecting mother did not know that the clients were actually law enforcement officers were posing as a potential buyer and the whole thing was a part of their sting operation, reports Mirror. After writing a receipt, she handed over the baby girl after receiving money. But she was soon detained by detectives who questioned her about the sale before ensuring the baby reached safe hands. Gadzhieva's cruelty and dismissive nature towards her own child were further revealed by local media who reported that the mother had previously spoken to her sister about owning a new pair of boots. While she had her eyes on the product for quite some time, Gadzhieva didn't have the money for it. Thus, she was all set to buy the footwear with the money received from trading her own baby girl.


While Gadzhieva was trying to strike a deal with potential buyers on the black market she was approached by Alternative, an anti-slavery group. The members of this group contacted the new mother with the hope of dissuading her from going through with the heartless transaction. They told Gadzhieva about the extremely harmful environment that her daughter could be subjected to if she is sold off to buyers she found on the black market. Despite their immense effort, the mother remained undeterred and decided to go ahead with her plan anyway. 

"We tried in every possible way to explain to her that bad, dangerous conditions awaited the child. We warned that the baby would be handed over to gypsies, but she was little interested in what would happen [to her daughter]," said the group. According to reports, Gadzhieva even told one of her prospect buyers that she wanted to purchase a house and use the money received from the transaction to pay the deposit. "Don't say 'to sell,' it sounds rude," she reportedly told one of her buyers. "You can judge me but I cannot [cope]."


The group Alternativa further revealed that the mother had shown no interest or concern about her the possibility of her own child being placed in the hands of criminals. "The height of cynicism was her correspondence with her sister, who knew about everything, and in which the child's mother discussed what boots she will buy for herself after selling the baby," said a spokesperson for Alternativa. "It is not known what would have happened to this child." Thankfully, the child was rescued and her evil mother's motives were not realized. "After receiving the money, she handed the child over to the customer and wrote a receipt. During the interrogation, the woman pleaded guilty in full and was charged. Currently, the child's life is not in danger. The criminal investigation continues," The Russian Investigate Committee said in a statement. 

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