CRUEL Locals Ride Distressed Leatherback Turtle As It Struggles To Get Back Into The Sea

CRUEL Locals Ride Distressed Leatherback Turtle As It Struggles To Get Back Into The Sea

The group of locals reportedly found the turtle on the beach when it made its way there to lay eggs!

A shocking video shows locals on a beach in Indonesia taking turns to ride on the back of a poor giant sea turtle. According to Daily Mail, the turtle is a leatherback, which is an endangered species. The turtle was captured on Friday by the locals while it was laying eggs on the beach. This was when they decided to torture the poor animal and even take videos of them riding on its back. Local authorities haven't released a statement on the incident yet. The video shows a man sitting on the back of the turtle as another eggs him on. Meanwhile, a third stands behind them, holding a heavy tree branch as a club. It looked like they were treating the turtle as some sort of chariot. 



If that wasn't enough, another young man proceeds to take a seat on the back of the endangered reptile, all while eating a snack. This just shows how much they don't care about the turtle. Then, another man carrying a toddler comes into the video, and he joins the other man on the turtle's back as it struggles to crawl back towards the sea. Soon enough, another young man takes the place of the second, perching on the animal's back with his feet on its head.



The video focuses on a man riding the turtle, as another throws handfuls of sand at its tail in an apparent bid to irritate it, then shoves it before grabbing one of its hind flippers to be pulled along. The man then proceeds to STAND on both the turtle's hind flippers as it weaved the last few yards to the water's edge. The men seemed to show no intentions of getting off the turtle's back even as it made its way into the waves.



The others could be heard cheering them on. The leatherback sea turtle is the largest of all turtles and the fourth-biggest reptile. It can weigh more than half a ton! The name is because of its unique shell, even among sea turtles. The turtle's carapace is covered by skin and oily flesh. An adult leatherback turtle is not fished for their meat and they have very few natural predators as well. 



The most threats they face are man-made, from fishing nets and lobster pots, as well as eating balloons and plastic bags which resemble the jellyfish they eat. People were appalled by the video and took to social media to share their views. James Bourne wrote: Disgraceful. If this is how people treat endangered animals then they deserve to be rounded up and thrown in jail. So few baby turtle make it, they should be showing this beautiful animal the respect it deserves rather than stressing out possibly impacting offspring in future.



Hana Mikakirora added: I am beyond mad. Beyond furious. If I could, I would make a wish for all human beings to swap places with animals for just ONE DAY. That could make the world a better place either by eliminating them totally out or make them realized how lucky we are indeed as compared to the poor defenseless animals. Louise Jones posted: So many people taking photos of things like this and doing absolutely nothing at the time. Makes my blood boil



Billy Meyer commented: Okay so not defending anybody but you know horses are magnificent Creatures 2 and so are cows and all kinds of other animals that we rode and been riding for centuries is it the best thing to try and write a turtle know can does he have the power to handle a person riding on his back yes he does did it hurt him no it did not is it a nice thing to do probably not I wouldn't do it personally but come on people


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