Woman Arrested For Shooting Dog In The Head With Crossbow To 'Get A Message Across'

Woman Arrested For Shooting Dog In The Head With Crossbow To 'Get A Message Across'

Unicorn, the Labrador, got lucky as the arrow ricocheted off his skull after penetrating his skin. He is now recuperating.

Image Source: Facebook/Nassau County Animal Services

Disclaimer: This story contains details of animal abuse that readers may find disturbing

In a disturbing incident, a woman in Florida was taken into custody after allegedly shooting a crossbow at a dog's head. Distressing images show a Labrador named Unicorn with an arrow lodged in his head. Authorities are currently investigating 37-year-old Carey Wilson for animal cruelty who said she was simply trying to "scare it off." Speaking to Action News Jax, Wilson explained how she was just "trying to get a message across" but had no intention of harming the dog. "My goal was not to hit the dog directly. I was trying to scare it off," she claimed. 



"The dog doesn’t want to leave, so I grabbed a crossbow, my intentions were not to kill the dog, but to try to get the message across, 'Get out the yard,'" she continued, according to Mirror. However, Unicorn's former owner could not understand why Wilson felt so threatened by the pet, who he described as a "family dog" who "wouldn't hurt anybody." He further noted that he was forced to give up his dog as he could not afford the medical bills. The heartbreaking incident that unfolded on May 16 began after Unicorn apparently urinated on Wilson's car tire, revealed a police report. It also noted that Unicorn did not act aggressively.



Wilson, however, claimed that the dog would repeatedly appear in her fenced-in yard and kill animals. Furthermore, she said that Unicorn once lunged towards her daughter, who happens to suffer from mobility issues. The animal control refuted this as they said these allegations didn't add up as they had not received any calls from Wilson or from her locality complaining about the dog. Reports also stated that she was tired of lying and thus admitted to shooting the dog using her crossbow, which was brought from Jacksonville. 



Wilson did admit that her actions were "extreme" before wishing that there had been a "different outcome." As for Unicorn, investigators say he is very lucky to be alive after the arrow ricocheted off his skull after penetrating his skin. Nassau County Animal Service said that he is now "recuperating" after being shot with the 16-inch arrow. Although he was also treated for heartworms, Unicorn still has a few more hurdles to overcome before being given up for adoption. 



Last year, a woman from New Hampshire was charged with animal cruelty after she allegedly pushed her Golden Retriever into a lake and watched him drown. Sixty-six-year-old Nancy Bucciarelli pushed her dog Bailey off a dock into three feet of water at Naticook Lake. There were several bystanders who claimed that the woman simply stood and watched as the elderly canine struggled to swim to safety and failed, eventually drowning in the shallow water. "It is a sad story. It's unconscionable to think what this defendant is charged with," said Merrimack police chief Denise Roy. 




"The witnesses actually are the ones who jumped into the water to find the dog under the water and pull the dog out. They made every attempt to revive the dog, but unfortunately, the dog did die," Roy said. What seemed shocking and surprising was the fact that Nancy's Facebook page reportedly contained several pictures of Bailey and he looked loved and well taken care of. An image shared in December 2014 shows Nancy with her arms around Bailey. Roy said she is concerned about some of the public response to the case."There's become a social media frenzy that we don't want," she said. "She's charged with a horrific crime; however, this doesn't help. This actually feeds into it and makes it worse, and it really stops the process from happening effectively."

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