Criss Angel's 5-YO Son Admitted In Hospital For Chemotherapy

Criss Angel's 5-YO Son Admitted In Hospital For Chemotherapy

Criss has worked with many kids who were sick, now he thinks that he understands what they and their families are going through on an everyday basis.

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Magician Criss Angel's 5-year-old son, Johnny Crisstopher is back at the hospital for his chemotherapy. Criss shared photos of him and little Johnny on a hospital bed the day after Christmas. Criss shares Johnny and his little brother with Shaunyl Benson. “Back today for a long day of chemo… @cure4thekids,” Criss captioned his photos on Instagram on Thursday.


There were also pictures of Johnny on his hospital bed undergoing chemo on Criss' Instagram page. “Sad! ANGRY! But we WILL get through this!” the illusionist wrote with a photo showing a silicone tube on his son’s chest. People reports that Johnny was first diagnosed with leukemia in 2015. This was shortly before he turned two. Now, just earlier this month, 52-year-old Criss revealed in an interview with TMZ that his son would be going back to the hospital as his cancer returned following a brief interlude. “A long 4-hour day for chemo,” Shaunyl Benson shared on her own Instagram Story.


Benson later shared pictures of her son's cancer treatment, again on Instagram. “THIS is childhood cancer. THIS is happening right now. Every 2 minutes a child is diagnosed with cancer. 1 in 5 of those children will not make it. THIS is our son Johnny Crisstopher @crissangel he has battled for 3 years and has another 3 to go,” she wrote along with photos of Johnny at the hospital.

“He is only 5 years old. THIS has been his normal since he was 18 months old. Today he doesn’t even want to smile because the medications make him sad and angry. It’s the day after Christmas and our day started early for a long round of chemo. Instead of planning our next year at school, we are planning our next hospital stay. THIS is happening right now. #relapse #leukemia #childhoodcancer,” Benson concluded.


Criss earlier shared details of Johnny's cancer update and chemotherapy program while he was presenting the Magic Wand Award to Make-a-Wish volunteer. This was at his Criss Angel MINDFREAK show at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. “As a parent going through this myself, you kind of see it from both sides of the perspective,” he said, according to Entertainment Tonight. “I was somebody who used to just work with children that were sick. Then I had a son who was diagnosed with pediatric cancer.”

Angel added, “So, I understand, with a son who just had a relapse, what it’s really like, moment by moment, and how difficult it is to look at your child who should be worrying about what toy they’re playing with. Instead, they’re worrying about treatment that’s literally putting poison into their body. My son will be 8 years old when he’s done and six years of his life, he has been doing chemo treatments. I am going through this now.”


In September 2016, Angel spoke about his son's cancer treatments, sharing: “My son is supposed to outlive me. I’d rather it be me that was sick. I want Johnny’s future to be long and happy. That kid is just a bundle of love. He’s the truest form of magic.”, People reports.


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