Couple Fund Their Dream Wedding Using Money Earned From Recycling!

Couple Fund Their Dream Wedding Using Money Earned From Recycling!

The couple has decided to recycle plastic bottles and cans, and each one yields them 10 cents. Also, they have collected enough cans and bottles to get around $6,000. THAT is a LOT!

Weddings are pricey and they add a lot of unwanted expenses to your life, but this couple from Australia may have figured out a way to fund their wedding while saving the world! Sounds impossible? Well, it isn't. Leonie Starr and Matthew Porter, from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, are completely relying on recycled waste to fund their wedding. According to VT, they have decided to recycle plastic bottles and cans, and each one yields them 10 cents. So, when I tell you they've already collected somewhere around $6,000, just imagine how many cans they've already recycled. 


The couple has collected a shocking 51,455 cans from highways and main roads so far, which is around 10,000 cans per month! The couple is hoping to have a destination wedding in Vanuatu next year, and so they hope to collect a colossal 810,000 bottles and cans in total which would equal a whopping $81,000 for their big day. "Since November I have collected 51,455 bottles which works out to be $5,145.50," Starr told Daily Mail


Collecting 810,000 bottles is not an easy task. "For me to reach my huge goal of 810,000 bottles I would need to be taking home 2,200 bottles a day," said Starr. "I'm averaging about 10,000 per month so far. Since hitting 50,000 bottles and having the wedding now paid for entirely out of 10c containers, my main goal is to get as close to 810,000 as I can," she added. Starr and Porter show no signs of giving up!


"I'm way off hitting that goal in a year, and it would have been a more realistic goal to aim for 100,000, but it's been so fun trying and it gets me out of the house, socializing and exercising," she added. The couple initially researched how much the entire wedding would cost if they were to have it on a private island in Vanuatu for 35 people to spend six nights on, with breakfast, lunch, and dinner included. Needless to say, the amount left the two of them a tad bit shocked. 


"Including the actual wedding which is $5,000, it came to $81,000. My partner nearly fell off the couch," said Starr. They've already raised enough money to cover the wedding,  but the hope to be able to collect 810,000 bottles and make sure to fund their entire wedding. The best part is, they know all the tricks to collect more bottles. "The best place to collect bottles is definitely the sides of highways and main roads," said Starr.


"Usually near ramps or exits there's heaps of rubbish and bottles. My friends and family collect their recycling for me too and there's a beautiful bunch of regular donators who message me through my recycling Facebook page. I have met the most fantastic people in my recycling journey so far," she added. Starr Porter usually spends an hour or two each day to collect bottles and cans from places. 


But, they make the best use of their off days, too. "On days off, I might spend maybe three to four hours collecting and do one or two drop-offs in one day," she said.  Even though their wedding is a year away. they have already paid for the bridesmaid's dresses, as they invested in them within the first week of getting engaged, but they're yet to secure a deposit on anything else. They also got a donation of $1000 from TOMRA, and they have set it aside to use for their flowers and decorations.


They can't contain the excitement when it comes to their wedding and is already eagerly awaiting the day they board their flight to get married to each other. "I keep thinking about how exciting it's going to be boarding the plane with all of our guests on the same flight heading over to Vanuatu to celebrate our lives together," Starr said. This is going to be one great wedding, because, surely, there will not be any waste from this one!



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