Coronavirus Infects Seven People From The Same Family. Four Of Them Are Dead

Coronavirus Infects Seven People From The Same Family. Four Of Them Are Dead

The family gathered on March 3, and among them was the first person to die of Coronavirus in New Jersey. The infection is believed to have spread from that person.

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On Wednesday night, Grace Fusco died after contracting Coronavirus. Her death came five days after her daughter died because of the virus, and hours after her son died, too. A relative revealed that the deadly virus had claimed the life of another child as well. Fusco was a mother of 11,  and grandmother of 27. Her relative, Roseann Paradiso Fodera, shared how her death has united the large family from Central New Jersey. Fodera, who is Fusco's cousin and the family’s lawyer, is serving as a spokesperson, told The New York Times that three other children have been hospitalized, of which two of them are critical.



Fusco’s eldest child, Rita Fusco-Jackson, 55, died on Friday. The family learned she had contracted the virus after her death.  Fusco-Jackson died a day before her test for coronavirus came back positive on Saturday evening. Her eldest son, Carmine Fusco died on Wednesday. Grace Fusco also died on Wednesday after spending the day "gravely ill" and breathing with help from a ventilator. Fodera stated that her cousin was unaware that two of her children had passed away. As for extended family members, not only are they mourning the loss of their loved ones, they are unable to come together as they are all quarantined while they wait for test results. Thus, praying in isolation for the departed souls is all they can do now. 



"If they’re not on a respirator, they’re quarantined. It is so pitiful. They can’t even mourn the way you would," Fodera said. As of Thursday afternoon, New Jersey reported nine deaths out of the 742 people that have been infected across the state. While Coronavirus has claimed the lives of several people and infected people across America,  but the deaths in one family alone is seen as rare. Fusco's children who passed away had no prior underlying health conditions before being struck by the deadly virus. 



"They’re young and they don’t have any underlying conditions," Fodera said. It hasn't been revealed if Grace Fusco had any prior health conditions. She and four of her children were being treated at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, about an hour south of Manhattan, said relatives. Judith M. Persichilli, New Jersey's health commissioner said that the first person who died of Coronavirus in the state on March 10 met the Fusco family during a routine family gathering on Thursday. "A party to most people was a regular dinner to them," she said.



This gathering on March 3 is believed to be the source of the virus, which prompted Persichilli to issue warnings to stop people from meeting, no matter how small the get-together is.  "I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to take personal responsibility and to avoid even small gatherings," she stated to reporters in a briefing on Sunday. Since the disease claimed four lives in one family so quickly,  Dr. James Matera, chief medical officer of Centra State Medical Center, explained that officials are studying the family's medical history for clues. He said, "I don’t know if it’s a strain thing. I would consider these particular people to be unusual."



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