Expert Warns People Against Visiting The Gym Because They Could Be 'Coronavirus Hotbeds'

Expert Warns People Against Visiting The Gym Because They Could Be 'Coronavirus Hotbeds'

"Dampness is a bad thing for spreading germs. You've got these big blokes pumping away and you never know, one of them might be a super spreader," Dr. Norman Swan said.

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While it's hard to miss out on those intense workout sessions, you might be safer staying away from it. Dr. Norman Swan, a medically qualified journalist, says gyms are the perfect place for the COVID-19 virus to spread, especially because it's an environment that generates tons of swat. It's not a good idea for a place to be damp because the virus will thrive in it.  Dr. Norman Swan told ABC in Australia that it's best to avoid gyms for a bit because "dampness is a bad thing for spreading germs. You've got these big blokes pumping away and you never know, one of them might be a super spreader."


If you're sure you can clean up after yourself and make sure all the benches have been wiped down before you use it, then there's no reason for you to not go to the gym. "It doesn't mean you stop going to the gym, you've got to be super careful at the gym. You've got to make sure you wipe down (the equipment) before and after use." Dr. Norman, who graduated in medicine from the University of Aberdeen, in Scotland, then added that it's best that people use hand sanitizers to clean their hands after using any kind of equipment in the gym, reports Daily Mail.


He also urged people to steer clear of the steam and sauna rooms because the room would not be hot enough to kill the germs. "I wouldn't go near any humid area, to be honest." If anyone has symptoms of cold, cough, or fever, they're advised to stay at home instead of heading to the gym and increasing the chances of spreading the infection to others. However, what can you do to make sure you stay safe? According to The New York Times, there are a few steps that you can include in your daily routine.  First, bring your own wipes to clean equipment and benches. Ideally, the wipes should contain diluted household bleach solutions or alcohol solutions with at least 70% alcohol. 


Steer clear of machinery that's everyone's favorite, because even though the virus can't really be transmitted by sweat, it can spread through touch. So high-contact surfaces are a big no-no. Finally, stay at home if you don't feel well. You don't need to spread the virus to more people. Wash your hands often and make sure you don't touch your face. However, Dr. David Thomas, a professor of medicine and director of the Division of Infection Diseases at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, says the risk of picking up the virus is much higher in churches because people sit in close proximity and sometimes they shake hands, too.


This information got a lot of mixed reactions from people on social media. Kaley Tomlin posted on Facebook: I’m in Hk, I cannot work due to the virus, I can not go to restaurants etc.. but one thing I have been doing every day since the outbreak is going to the gym. But what they do is before you enter they do a body temperature check and have hand gels and dettol spays everywhere in the gym, Please don’t let fear stop you from going to the gym as it’s good for the immune system, and mental health. Yasmin Rahali shared: I’m still going to the gym regardless. I go to most classes, however, the teacher kept reminding everyone to wipe their bikes down before use. It’s not that hard and literally takes a minute. I think you are just as likely to catch it on a packed train in London when commuting to and from work...


Mairead Burke shared a personal experience:  A guy in my local, was coughing like mad and sweating and didn't clean any machine after him. There was an old man, beside him, looked in his late 70s trying to keep fit. You have to clean the machines before and after and wash hands. Gym should have told coughing man to leave imo. I wished in hindsight I did. He probably doesn't have it but still. The problem is younger people who feel they will be grand have zero consideration. Lyndsey Louise Singleton added: Gyms wouldn't be a high risk if everyone wiped down the machines before and after use. Why are people not washing their hands, should be an automatic thing. A little bit of consideration and brains is all it takes. People just can't be trusted to do the simplest of things which is why gym would close, I don't go to the gym and now I know why.





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