Disgusting 'Coronavirus Challenge' Has People Licking Toilet Seats And Door Knobs

Disgusting 'Coronavirus Challenge' Has People Licking Toilet Seats And Door Knobs

Eva Louise started the viral TikTok challenges by licking an airplane's toilet seat just for fame amidst the outbreak.

Image Source (L) Twitter/eli bosque (R) Twitter/Ava Louise

Disclaimer: This challenge is a health hazard and we strongly condemn this. We request readers to not try this.

Despite being warned about the risks that trendy TikTok challenges comprise, social media users turn a blind eye to it, all in the name of gaining "viral" notoriety. In a bid to achieve the same, one TikToker Eva Louise decided to lick what appeared to be a toilet bowl in an airplane. The young woman who goes by the name @avalouiise uploaded this video on Twitter on March 14 and called it the "coronavirus challenge," reports Business Insider. Please RT this so people can know how to properly be sanitary on the airplane, she wrote in this viral tweet. 

Image Source: Twitter/Ava Louise


For those wondering whether Louise contracted COVID-19 or not, she revealed in a subsequent TikTok clip that she is not. Assuring her viewers, she explained that her health was "totally fine" and that she wasn't worried about the coronavirus affecting her. Soon people slammed her for indulging in this disgusting challenge for fame. A day later, she revealed that this coronavirus challenge was started by her for "clout" and that it was the same as eating a dude's a**. "I can’t get coronavirus.....just like the gays rich blonde bitches are IMMUNE," she added.

Image Source: Twitter/ Ava Louise





However, there were others (for baffling reasons) who applauded her actions with one writing: I can’t believe my friend @realavalouiise actually licked a toilet on a plane and Meghan McCain is dragging her and Skai Jackson tweeted the video and now it’s gonna be on CNN, Fox, and the view and she has 12 million views on it LMFAOOOO I can’t. Another user named James, shared: Just wanna say @realavalouiise is my inspiration for life. I just wanna be like her. Her story is so heartwarming.


Later, in an Instagram story, she revealed that she had cleaned the toilet seat using Clorox for 40 minutes adding that it was simply a tactic to appear on CNN, reports TODAY Singapore. Her attention-seeking efforts paid off and she even managed to earn $4,000. Speaking to Business Insider, she said, "I just wanted more attention than this corona bitch but she’s GOOD. So I capitalized off her. And now I’m like global news. My mom told me she’s proud of me I shed light on pandemic while wearing Fendi sunglasses … The serve." Apparently, she also had wanted to spread awareness regarding important social issues. "OK so now that you’re all on my page – racism is bad. Gay people are good. Transphobia is grosser than me licking a toilet. Good day," she wrote.


During the interview, she explained how she was "tired of some b—- named corona getting more publicity than ME." She added, "The xenophobia makes me sad. What’s not gunna make people sad is a hot rich blonde 20-something-year-old licking a toilet. It’s not like the virus can kill me anyway because I don’t use Facebook." The video also helped her song "Skinny Legend Anthem" attain virality with TikTok megastars like Chase Hudson (lilhuddy) using it in their videos. However, the brazen act also inspired others to follow suit. Twitter user Eli Bosque uploaded a video of him licking the doorknob, which definitely is not advisable given the current situation.

User Yohanna Rosquete shared: Negative iq points for both of y'all. Need to pick up a book and read for once. Another poked fun at this bizarre trend and wrote: It's nothing when you did it in your house. Do it in mall bro... Hand rail's escalator in mall are waiting to be licked by both of you. To this, Bosque replied: make me viral and i will. 

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