Man Tries To Sexually Assault 14 Yr-Old Girl In Hallway Of Doctor's Office

Man Tries To Sexually Assault 14 Yr-Old Girl In Hallway Of Doctor's Office

When the girl tried to get away from the man, he ruthlessly grabbed her, pushed her down to the floor, and tried to rape her there.

Image Source: NYPD Crime Stoppers

Trigger warning: This story contains details of attempted rape and graphic footage that readers may find distressing.

Surveillance cameras captured the disturbing moment when a man tried to sexually assault a teenage girl inside a doctor's office in Brooklyn. The chilling incident took place a little before 1 p.m. on November 22, when a 14-year-old arrived at a cardiology office on Foster Avenue near East 3rd Street in Kensington for her appointment. Per authorities, the girl was early for the appointment and so she was waiting in the hallway. This is when the attacker walked in, approached the teen, and exposed himself. 


When the girl tried to get away from the man, he ruthlessly grabbed her and pushed her down to the floor. The CCTV footage shows the teen trying to fight back even as the man covered her mouth and reportedly attempted to rape her in the hallway. Despite being knocked down, the victim continued resisting, and the man yelled at her to "shut up" and "stop screaming," reports New York Post. When she wouldn't give up, the cruel man fled the scene. According to reports, he hopped on a Moped and made his way along Foster Avenue toward McDonald Avenue. 


ABC7NY reported that the girl's mother was trailing behind while the teen was waiting in the hallway. The stranger walked in before the mom could arrive at the hallway and he fled the scene by the time she made it there. The police assured that the teenager did not sustain any physical injuries. 



On Wednesday, a 31-year-old man identified as David Gonzalez was taken into custody. Gonzalez, who has a lengthy criminal history, was said to be the man in the video who tried to rape the minor, according to The Sun. He had 19 previous arrests in his name that dated from 2008 for charges like public lewdness, assault, and robbery, however, there were no sexual assault charges.

Previously, a man was taken into custody for raping a 12-year-old girl multiple times over a period of several years. Tony Kiah Caver of Hot Springs, Arkansas, was charged with rape of a minor, a felony that is punishable by up to life in prison. It was the victim's mother who first reported the rape to the Hot Springs Police Department in September last year. She claimed to have found a text message on her daughter's phone which she had sent to her friend, indicating that she was being sexually abused. Following this, the concerned mother confronted her daughter about the messages, according to the probable cause affidavit.


At this point, the girl confessed to have been raped by Caver at his home for years. Following an intense round of questioning at the Cooper Anthony Mercy Child Advocacy Center the next day, the daughter once again revealed that Caver had been sexually abusing her for years. The child also added that she was raped for the first time "in a car seat." The victim further admitted that Caver had openly admitted to being a pedophile who "can't help who he likes" and that he "does like kids." There were numerous sexually explicit videos and images of children on Caver's computer that the girl had seen. 


The girl shockingly revealed that Caver had raped her "more than 100 times." Local police conducted a thorough search with a warrant at Caver's residence on October 2 and established contact with him. They informed him that they had received serious allegations of raping a minor against him. Caver reportedly brought up the 12-year-old's name himself, asking the cops if it was about her. Caver then had no choice but to allow the authorities to investigate his computer. The officers on the scene noted that Caver himself made a statement referring to them saying "It doesn't matter, they are going to find everything they need anyway."

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