Cops Handcuff 16-Yr-Old Autistic Boy While He Was Having Seizures, Reveals His Mom

Cops Handcuff 16-Yr-Old Autistic Boy While He Was Having Seizures, Reveals His Mom

The boy had seizures in the restroom and while the distraught mother called 911 for medical help, eight cops arrived and thought he was under the influence of drugs and proceeded to handcuff him.

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Instead of helping David, 16, with autism while he was having seizures, cops handcuffed him, revealed the boy's mother. The Fresno police handcuffed the boy while the family was at a fast-food restaurant, reports CNN. Lourdes Ponce said her son has epilepsy and autism and started having seizures while they were in the restaurant bathroom Thursday. She then took to Facebook to share about the horrendous incident. The post was originally shared by David's sister, Montserrat Ramos. She wrote: Yesterday we were coming from a children’s hospital from an appointment when we stop to eat at Pollo loco on north Blackstone when he went to the restroom and my mom went to go check on him.


He wasn’t responding we heard a big hit and he was having a seizure on the floor and we could hear it we tried to open the door for 30 minutes when we got to him he was still having a seizure and we called 911 he was very scared it’s common after a seizure thank you to the world who understood and helped us calm him down. Police officer shouldn’t have approached us how he approached us he had to see what was going on and present himself we had to tell my brother who we were and let him know where he was he should’ve come at David a different way he was super scared and especially after we were pushed and shove no way this should’ve happened.


He was thrown like a dog and was thrown around in the restroom and then put in handcuffs then be taken to the patrol car and then thrown in the process he hit his head and as you can see he was still throwing up and the cops didn’t put him to his side risking him chocking. The paramedics were trying to help him and were not allowed to. A comment was made that there have been calls about ppl on drugs or drunk. Even though the call they made to 911 requested medical help, eight cops turned up. 


"The police didn't help David. Instead, he was hit," the boy's sister, Montserrat Ramos, told CNN. "We had explained what his medical problems were, but they didn't understand." A video shows officers trying to place the boy into the back of a patrol car, and a woman screaming, "He's sick, take him to the hospital." However, the videos that have been shared by the family don't include any that show him being hit by the cops. 


In a statement to CNN affiliate KFSN, the Fresno Police Department said: "This case is currently under Administrative Review. The review will include the examination of all the information pertaining to the officer's contact including Body Worn Cameras." In a video posted by Ramos on Facebook, the boy is kneeling beside the police car, handcuffed. While his sister tries desperately to calm him down, he begs for the handcuffs to be removed, saying they hurt.


"He is only 16 years old; the only mistake he made was having a seizure," Ramos told CNN. Her brother has had seizures since he was 5, she said. Mom Ponce then said that the police only released David and took him to the hospital after she showed police paperwork documenting her son's history of epilepsy. Ramos said her brother left the hospital Saturday, but he had to go back Sunday and is now back at home. His recovery has been difficult and "he's not doing well," his sister said.


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