Doctors Find Turtle In Woman's Privates After She Complains Of Crippling Pain

Doctors Find Turtle In Woman's Privates After She Complains Of Crippling Pain

The woman sought medical assistance when she could no longer move due to severe pain in her lower abdomen.

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It was September 12, 2018, when a woman went out partying with her friends on Tenerife in the Canary Islands. Next, she started to experience crippling pain in the lower abdomen regions. She did not know the reason behind the severe discomfort and when she sought medical assistance for the same, doctors were left shocked. When she could no longer move, the young woman went to the El Mojon hospital in the municipality of Arona in the south of the island, according to ABC Canarias. "Emergency physicians began to perform tests given the mobility problems presented by the patient," reported the outlet. When the results came in, doctors were startled to find a dead reptile inside the woman's vagina.


According to The Sun, it was a three-keeled Chinese pond turtle that grows to 18 cms in length when mature. It was unclear whether the creature was dead or alive when it was introduced into her privates. The presence of the baby reptile had reportedly caused a "serious infection" in her genitals, reports the New York Post. Thus, the police were called to the hospital over fears that the woman might have been a victim of sexual assault. When questioned by the police, the unidentified woman said that she was out partying with a few of her British friends near the area of Fañabé beach a few days earlier. However, she confessed that she did not remember anything that happened that night. 


Over the next few days, the woman began feeling unwell and ended up in the hospital. She had no idea how the reptile ended up inside her and told the police that she did not want to take the matter any further. Thus, the cops were left with no option but to close their file on this unique case. Speaking to The Sun, a police source confirmed, "We are not actively investigating this matter because the woman declined to give a statement." There were some reports that initially suggested that the dead reptile might have been a tortoise as both turtle and tortoise are called Tortuga in Spain. But experts confirmed later that the creature inside her was in fact a loggerhead sea turtle that was sold as pets. The turtle is supposedly indigenous to the Canary Islands archipelago. No further details were provided regarding it. 


Having a foreign object inside one's vagina is undoubtedly scary but not long ago there was a trend where people were putting in ground-up wasp nests in women's vaginas to tighten and rejuvenate them. Despite being warned against it by doctors, some online retailers were selling oak galls which are nests that house wasp eggs before they hatch. They claimed that the oak galls have natural properties to cleanse female genitals. The product is supposedly crushed into a paste and then applied topically. One listing on Etsy, which has now since been removed, claimed that it can even improve a one's sex life! The product is advertised to help "heal episiotomy cuts, rejuvenate the uterine wall and clean out the vagina" after childbirth. That being said, it also comes with warnings that it could "burn" the region when applied. 


Gynecologist Dr. Jen Gunter is definitely not for this practice and she even warned women not to fall for this bizarre new trend. Describing it as "dangerous," Dr. Gunter said that the process involved the use of "drying agents" to tighten one's vagina. "This product follows the same dangerous pathway of other “traditional” vaginal practices, meaning tightening and drying the vagina which is both medically and sexually (for women anyway) undesirable. Drying the vaginal mucosa increases the risk of abrasions during sex (not good) and destroys the protective mucous layer (not good). It could also wreak havoc with the good bacteria," explained the expert in her blog

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