Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Becomes A Grandfather For The First Time To An Adorable Baby Boy

Comedian Jeff Foxworthy Becomes A Grandfather For The First Time To An Adorable Baby Boy

Foxworthy has been pretty excited about the arrival of his grandchild for a while now and is fully embracing #GrandpaLife.

Image Source: Facebook/Jeff Foxworthy

Jeff Foxworthy is a grandfather for the first time and he has decided that his grandson now tops the list of his all-time favorite people in the world. He made the announcement of his new title as grandpa through an Instagram post of him holding the newborn baby. He captioned it: With the birth of my first grandchild, everybody else on the planet dropped one spot in my rankings this week. And that is only fair. The grandson, named Ronan, was born on March 14 to his 27-year-old daughter Jules and her husband Brendan Corley. And he is lucky enough to have a grandpa who happens to be one of the most popular comedians of all time. He will now get to grow up with a lot of cheesy grandpa jokes that we're all pretty sure Foxworthy will be cracking for his benefit. 


The announcement was followed by a rush of fans congratulating the comedian. An old fan commented, Wow! Congratulations! I remember when you talked about your daughter getting a computer for her 5th birthday. Another Instagram user commented, Congratulations! Let the spoiling begin! And it already has begun, much before the baby was even born. Foxworthy shared a cute gesture he extended to his grandson recently. In an Instagram post, he updated: My daughter is preparing my grandson's nursery and asked for a baby zebra drawing. So I drew her one! Can’t wait to meet this little guy in March! #GrandpaLife. He put all his talents to the test waiting for this grandson to arrive. He has been pretty excited about the arrival of his grandchild for a while now.


Last August, he shared the news about his daughter's pregnancy. He even did a little gender reveal of his own. In the post, he wrote: After a lifetime of raising girls, just found out I am going to have a grandson. Stoked beyond belief! He shared a picture of his happy family along with his wife, his two daughters, and son-in-law. Leading up to his birth he has been enthusiastic about becoming a grandpa and it has been evident. 


Jeannie C. Riley, best known for her hit, Harper Valley PTA extended her warm wishes to the comedian as well on Foxworthy's Facebook update about his grandson. She wrote, "Now you're living the 'Redneck's Dream' for sure, Jeff!! Congratulations, Grandpa!!," "Your new fishing buddy is the cutest little doll!! God blessed you mighty big this time!! One thing your little Grandson can look forward to ( besides fishing  ) is laughing for the rest of his life...because his Grandpa is absolutely the funniest redneck on the planet!! Come to think of it, he might just turn out to be a redneck, too!! I love you so much, and your sweet little gift from God, also!! I'm so happy for you and your family!!"

Foxworthy has donned a lot of hats. He worked as a technician at IBM, made a name for himself as a stand-up comedian, became a TV host, and even went on to author many books. But most importantly he was a loving father and now he will also make a brilliant grandfather. As his family grows bigger, Foxworthy's work has been expanding as well. He has been working on TV, radio, while also touring with his comedy shows. His jokes are as relevant as ever and he still does about 70 shows per year about his iconic redneck jokes. His sets have evolved over time and much of it was inspired by his upbringing, according to Wide Open Country. This new chapter in his life will perhaps inspire even more jokes that we can catch in his shows later. 

Source: Facebook

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