There's An Adult Wine-Themed Park And Museum And It's Every Vino Lover's Paradise

There's An Adult Wine-Themed Park And Museum And It's Every Vino Lover's Paradise

The La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux or the 'City of Wine', as is it more popularly known, is a ten-storied building that has 20 themed areas and exhibits.

For wine lovers, a vacation cannot be deemed perfect without experiencing an array French reds at a tasting. So if you belong to the group of people who just cannot be in an amusement park without imagining how good a bottle of red or white would make your day, here's a place that will be perfect for you! The La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux, France, is literally a vino lover's dream come true! If this isn't on your bucket list then be sure to add it! 


La Cité du Vin which is French for 'The City of Wine', which first opened in 2016. This adult theme park located on the banks of the Garonne River situated in the Bassins à Flot district of Bordeaux wine country contains 10 floors. This $91 million museum has a sort of Disneyland approach to it, housing 20 themed areas and exhibits. The over-the-top facility also has a  250-seater auditorium which screens classes giving you a virtual aerial view of the winemaking factories around the world.


Now, if that theme park style did not impress you, a simulator boat ride surely will! You will be able to experience a merchant's glorious journey across the globe here! One might think that it would be tough to catch up with the various kinds of wines they serve in the wine paradise due to your limited knowledge then it's nothing to worry at all! They have you back for good. Conducting immersive exhibitions, they will be answering all your questions in their 20 different themed areas. You will be taught everything about the process of wine production that happens all around the globe and not just in Bordeaux.


Apart from all the fun, there will also be a number of educational wine tasting sessions led by experts. The place also includes a restaurant, wine saloon, and tapas bar which is just what you need after a long day of wine-education. The wine stock from 80 countries is sure to make you lose your mind! Another unusual but interesting thing they have here is a huge plush chair which is specially designed for you to sit and listen to famous stories about intoxication. While most of them are in French, they also provide a translated version of dialogue in eight selected languages in real time.


Of course, the "tasting experience" here is like no other! It is actually a multi-sensory space that contains moving sets and a number of 3D images which are sure to take your olfactory senses for an amazing ride! According to a report by CNTraveler, Philippe Massol, the director of the theme park, reveals how they wish to make the fabulous park the largest cultural center of wine, à la a Guggenheim for grape lovers.


If you're wondering about the place that you should be staying at then let us inform you that the notable wine magnate Bernard Magrez's hotel  La Grande Maison de Bernard Magrez, is just two miles away from  La Cité du Vin. The six-room mansion builds around the theme of wine is sure to impress you beyond measure. Opened in 2015, it holds the essence of traditional Bordeaux and is the perfect place of rest. As for the restaurant, it has two Michelin stars and is run by renowned chef Pierre Gagnaire. It mainly specialized in haute Bordelaise cuisine. 


Still not satisfied with the wine-themed park and hotel? Don't worry, we have something that will surely fill your wine-loving heart to the brim! You should next go to  Aux Quatre Coins de Vin and École du Vin de Bordeaux which embodies the Bordeaux’s chateaux culture and is actually a piece of history. As for  Aux Quatre Coins de Vin, it is a rather exotic joint which contains card-operated wine machines and the latter is a wine school but that's just in name. it's the perfect place for pre-dinner dates. Both these bars are situated in a very compact area. You can either take a short walk or a  tram ride to reach the place.


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