Chuck Norris Didn't Need DNA Test To Accept Daughter: "It Was as If I Had Known Her All My Life"

Chuck Norris Didn't Need DNA Test To Accept Daughter: "It Was as If I Had Known Her All My Life"

Norris had fathered a child he didn't even know about for years and he accepted her without a DNA test and is in constant touch with her.

Image Source: L/Facebook/Chuck Norris; R: IMDB/Expendables 2

To err is human, and this is the case with the biggest, baddest, and most invincible on-screen personality of all time—Chuck Norris. The movie legend, with some of the best action movies under his belt, had made a mistake to which he later owned up to and begged for forgiveness. Even before he was a superstar, Norris was a martial arts teacher who'd endured some pretty rough times. For starters, his alcoholic father was absent from his life soon after his parents divorced, he moved to California at the age of 10. He later married Dianne Holchek, his highschool sweetheart, in 1958 and joined the U.S. Air Force the same year to complete his deployment at the Osan Air Base in South Korea, thus began his love affair with martial arts. According to Biography.com, he left his service in 1962 and started over as a karate instructor.

Here's another family photo from Kauai. This time with our daughter Dina, her husband Damien and their boys Dante & Eli.

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The very same year, the Expendables 3 actor cheated on his wife and fathered a child out of wedlock, a fact he wasn't even aware of until a few decades later. Talking about this in his biography, Norris revealed that he found out about his daughter only in 1991 when he received a letter from a woman named Dina, who claimed to be his daughter, as per a Contactmusic report. In his book Against All Odds: My Story, Norris felt deeply ashamed for lying to Johanna, Dina's mother about the fact that he was married. He says, "To my shame, I never told Johanna that I was married."

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Norris and Johanna had met when he was stationed in California following which the two had a brief fling which ended with a romp in the back of a car. Johanna tried to keep the news a secret both from him and her daughter, thinking it would be a bad idea. On one hand, she didn't want to disrupt his life especially when he'd just built a thriving business as a martial arts teacher, with more than 30 studios and a host of celebrity clients on the roster. However, Dina heard her mother talk about Norris as a friend and soon found out the truth. When she knew Norris was indeed her father, she got in touch with him, in spite of her mother's opposition. "Johanna later confirmed to Dina that I was her biological father but that I was married and had children and she shouldn't disrupt my life,” Norris wrote in the book, according to Nikiwiki. When his daughter contacted him, in 1991, he agreed to meet her and her mother.

Chuck Norris - 75!

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He recalled, "I didn't need DNA or blood tests. I went to her, wrapped my arms around her, and we both started crying. At that moment, it was as if I had known her all my life." Around the time Norris found out about Dina, his marriage with Holechek was run down, having divorced back in 1988. Since their first meet, the formerly estranged father-daughter duo continues to remain in contact and even holiday together. A recent photograph from August 2015, shows the Norris family having a gala time in Hawaii. In the picture are Dina, her husband Damien, their boys Dante and Eli, and Norris with his current wife Gena O'Kelley.

FARÁNDULA | Chuck Norris, de 77 años, sobrevive a dos paros cardíacos en menos de 47 minutos.

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Currently, Norris, the 80-year-old, has bid adieu to the acting world and is taking care of his wife, O'Kelley after she was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis which was later exacerbated when an MRI scan went wrong, according to Newsweek. The test involved the use of Gadolinium, which is a contrast agent used in medical scans for results to turn out better. O'Kelley had a bad reaction to the three injections she received and the duo have now sued the company for compensation to damages caused.

My wife Gena and I had a great time meeting people at the GLOCK SHOT Show booth.

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