8 Reasons Why Christmas Is The Most Magical Time Of The Year

8 Reasons Why Christmas Is The Most Magical Time Of The Year

What's not to love about this season? From food to gifts, everything gives us an incredible feeling we cannot express in words during Christmas!

Christmas is undoubtedly the best holiday that everyone eagerly looks forward to every year. One could either stick to the traditional eggnog and fantastic old tree to celebrate this day or simply stick to take out and have a quiet night in watching your favorite seasonal specials, either way, it's the spirit of the occasion that remains constant in both. The best part about this festival has to be its exclusivity, which allows everyone to take part in it equally. Everyone has a different reason for why they consider a special occasion the best. Well, here is our's that explains why we think Christmas is the most magical time of the year. 

1. Snow


Witnessing a white Christmas every year is not always possible, but when it does happen it's simply magical. Nothing can beat the feeling of going out and playing with the fresh dusting of snow( also snowball fights are always on the table). Chugging down a mug of hot chocolate following the freezing experience is the perfect ending to the day!

2. Family

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What's better than spending some quality time with your family members on this special day? Every year, this time, every member and relative come together under one roof (or at least in the form of Christmas greeting cards) to celebrate the joy and happiness that this season brings along. Catching up with your old folks is definitely something I'm sure all of you cherish. What's more? You don't even have to make excuses to come home during this month, cause it all a holiday season! 

3. Parties

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With the onset of December, social calendars instantly fill up with events like pot lucks, parties, and gatherings. No one needs to specify a reason for it simply because it is the holiday month! Singing along nostalgic Christmas carols, playing a few games and sharing a few glasses of delicious wine is the best way to spend the end of one year.

4. Food 

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What's a party without any food, am I right? No one can imagine Christmas without the perfectly baked cookies and cakes, and of course the classic roast turkey! During this time you have an invisible license to stuff your face with all the delicacies as much as you want without feeling guilty about it. After all the time comes once a year, right?

5. Shopping

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Now, some might think of Chrismas shopping as a rather cumbersome affair. However, with a little planning and organization, I'm sure you can whiz through the list of items you need to get in no time. The joy of giving someone happiness in the form of a gift is incomparable. And while you're at it, you can always get yourself a little something to treat yourself because it's the one time of the year when get to spoil yourself without any guilt.  

6. Gifts

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I hate gifts, said no one ever! It might sound a little shallow, but admit it, everyone loves gifts. I mean, what's not to love about someone buying you something that you like? Even, if you don't get something of your choice, isn't there something amazing about running towards the Christmas tree and ripping off the presents nestled beautifully under it?  The priceless moment that follows is the surprised expression on everyone's face. Now, if you're stuck with a lame present you can always regift it. No one has to know that!

7. Dressing Up

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The festive season provides ou ample number of events to look your best. It is hands down the perfect excuse to flaunt your favorite dress during an office party. Chunky knitted sweater, fancy clothes, and shoes that you have kept locked up in a corner of your closet instantly become an option for your wardrobe this season. 

8. Decorations


What's Christmas time without decorations? Pulling out all the ornaments to decorate your lovely Christmas tree with the help of your family is definitely time well spent. Or even taking a walk down the lane and admiring all the decorations that neighbors have put up, get you in the holiday mood all the more. Even if you're all about the minimalistic lifestyle, a little sparkle won't hurt you. Let your imagination go wild because there's no such thing as too much!

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